[1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

2abfd  Good Ol Currency [1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

The Currency Mod allows the player to create their own economy with colourful bills. The mod also adds a vending machine that lets the player create their own ‘store’ in one block.

How does it work?

2abfd  Good Ol Currency 1 [1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

The money itself doesn’t do much on its own (besides looking nice)
921d1  Good Ol Currency 2 [1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

The Vending machine has two modes, which can be changed by shift-right clicking the block (Only the player who placed it can change modes)
d75dd  Good Ol Currency 3 [1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

Sell Mode: This is where players can buy items from the vending machine

  • You can insert cash by either dropping bills in the top, or shift clicking them from your inventory
  • If you want your money back (that you haven’t spent) you can click the Change Button
  • You can hover over items to see their price
  • Right Click = Buy 1 item
  • Left Click = Buy 10 items
  • Shift Click = Buy stack of items

d75dd  Good Ol Currency 4 [1.10.2] Good Ol’ Currency Mod Download

Stock Mode:  This is where the player sets the items they want to sell and the prices for said items.

  • The ‘profit’ at the top shows how much money people have spent in your vending machine.
  • You can receive your profit in bills (lowest amount of bills) by clicking the Profit Button
  • The Gear Tab is used to edit the prices of your items.
  • You can change which item is selected (shown via the blue square) by clicking middle-mouse button over the item you want to edit
  • You can click your middle-mouse button on slots to change which item you want to edit

Planned Features

  • Items rendering in vending machine
  • Block that allows exchange of items for money
  • Dyable vending machine
  • Door opens when in ‘stock mode’
  • Wallet to hold bills
  • ‘Display Stand style’ vending block


Minecraft Forge

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