[1.10.2] Hatchery Mod Download

Hatchery Mod adds new meaning to chicken farming in Minecraft. Hatchery adds in new Blocks, AI, and Items to aid payers in farming your own chickens. New blocks include a nest for hatching new born chicks, Nesting pens to harbor adult chickens to produce more eggs at a quicker rate. New Mating AI no longer creates a new chicken but rather a Chicken egg that has to be hatch. Different items allow you to customize your egg hatching to increase change the egg hatches, as well as increasing the speed of hatching.

Hatchery Mod


  • New Chicken Mating AI
  • Nest for Hatching Eggs
  • Chickens Mod Support
  • Waila Support
  • Animal Net (Used to capture animal mobs)
  • Fertilized Dirt & Fertilized Farmland (Use hoe to till the soil)

Blocks & Items:

Egg Nest

Hatchery Mod 1

  • Egg Nest are used to hatch eggs dropped from chickens.
  • Currently its a 100% chance to spawn chicken. But to add more realism there will be a survival chance that can be modified to increase it or speed.
  • Adding a redstone lamp acts as a heat lamp above the eggs. It will currently increase the speed of the egg hatching

Nesting Pen

Hatchery Mod 3

  • Nesting pen will hold chickens that can hold inventory of drops.
  • Drops feathers, manure & every so often Hatchery Eggs based of the parent.
  • Items can be piped/hoppered out of.
  • They will also capture drops from the chickens now.

Chicken Feeder

Hatchery Mod 4

  • Fill the feeder with seeds
  • The Feeder will increase the growth rate of baby chickens in a 4×4 block radius
  • The Feeder also increases slightly the drop rate of chickens
  • Feeders have inventory support and will accept inputs.

Hatchery Egg

  • Hatchery eggs are dropped from chickens when they are mated. No longer will mating give you an instance chicken.
  • Option in config

Chicken Manure

  • Acts like bonemeal.
  • Dropped by chickens in the nesting pen.

Fertilized Soil

  • Fertilized Dirt.
  • Fertilized Farmland.
  • Cause random bonemeal updates.. increases growth time of crops and trees.

Catching Net

  • Lets you grab passive mobs to move them to a new area.


  • “Breeding gives Eggs” {true,false} Replaces Default Mating, Gives an egg that must be hatched to get baby
  • “Can Throw Eggs” {true,false} Can turn off vanilla mechanic of throwing eggs to hatch chickens.


How to install Hatchery Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box, and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.



  1. how do you make the stuff in this mod?

    • Booooooring

  2. Id rather you go to the real place for this download as this isn’t the original.. this is has been copied.




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