[1.10.2] Loot Transmutation Mod Download

Do you have too many mob drops and don’t know what to do with them? With Loot Transmutation mod you can smelt any drop and convert it to other materials.

Loot Transmutation Mod


  • 3 new blocks and 3 new items :
    • Loot Matter
    • Loot Matter Block
    • Small Loot Matter
    • Small Loot Matter Block
    • Tiny Loot Matter
    • Tiny Loot Matter Block
  • Many smelting
    • Rotten Flesh to Tiny Loot Matter
    • String to Tiny Loot Matter
    • Bone to Tiny Loot Mattet
    • Spider eye to Small Loot Matter
    • Gunpowder to Smalll Loot Matter
    • Slimeball to Small Loot Matter
    • Ender Pearl to Loot Matter
  • Crafting of Loot Matter to Loot Matter Blocks (Similar to Metal blocks crafting)
  • Conversion between Loot and Loot Matter
    • 8 Tiny to 1 Normal
    • 4 Tiny to 1 Small
    • 2 Small to 1 Normal
    • 1 Small to 4 Tiny
    • 1 Normal to 2 Small
  • Crafting of Materials or Materials Blocks with Loot Matter or Loot Matter Blocks:
  • Iron, Gold, Diamond, Lapis lazulli, Coal


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