[1.10.2] Mineable Mob Drops Mod Download

Mineable Mob Drops Mod makes it possible to mine or craft certain items that are normally only obtainable from hostile mobs. This mod won’t make all hostile mob drops mineable or craftible, since it’s intended to be somewhat realistic.


This mod also adds two new weapons to use up the gun powder and fire charges which will become easily obtainable.

New Ores:

  • Niter Ore: drops niter
  • Sulfur Ore: drops sulfur
  • Fossil Ore: drops bones
  • Slime Ore: Smelt for slime balls

New Recipes:

  • Niter + Sulfur + Charcoal = Gun powder
  • Niter + Sulfur + Coal = Fire Charge

New Weapons:

  • Rifle: uses gun powder as ammo
  • Fire Charge Launcher: uses fire charge as ammo



Minecraft Forge




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