[1.10.2] MoreDyes Mod Download

MoreDyes Mod adds more than 100 new dyes to Minecraft. For now they are all combinations of the 16 vanilla dye colors. Each color also has a variety of blocks that can be colored with the dye. These include stone, stonebrick(in all varieties), wool, glowstone, even redstone and lapis blocks.


  • Blocks can be cleaned and returned to their vanilla color by crafting them with a bucket of water.
  • If Thermal Expansion is detected, rockwool will be available in the mod colors.
  • If Chisel is detected, all colors of all blocks will be chiselable.
  • Dyed saplings can now be crafted from an oak sapling and the appropriate colored dye. Thats right, dye trees are now in.
  • Tulips in all the colors are available from the creative menu. Worldgen will be coming soon for both the flowers and the dye trees.



Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:




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