[1.10.2] Simple Chunk Control Mod Download


Simple Chunk Control Mod is a small mod providing a basic chunk-based protection system. Why don’t we discover this mod?

See also: Chest Protect Mod



  • Claim is used for claiming chunks
  • Unclaim is used for unclaiming chunks
  • Info prints basic information about the mod and the chunk the player is in into chat
  • Obj prints the json representation of the chunk data into chat
  • Whitelist
    – Used to add players permission to build in your chunk
    – Removes a players permission to build in your chunk


  • Claim
    Admin version of the chunk command to claim doesn’t count in the player chunk limit
  • unclaim
    Admin version of the chunk command to unclaim


  • claiming
    used to toggle the claiming on/off on the server
  • max_chunks_per_player
    max amount of chunks a player can claim
  • protect_unclaimed
    if set to ‘true’, unclaimed chunks will be “protected”, meaning players can’t break nor place blocks on it



Minecraft Forge




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