[1.10.2] Simply Conveyors Mod Download

Simply Conveyors Mod

Simply Conveyors & More is a mod in which you use conveyors in both moving items around and using them as the player’s transport. It has multiple types of conveyors to fit your needs.


Normal Conveyors

Can push virtually any type of Entity.

Simply Conveyors Mod 1

Holding Conveyor

Holds entities in place on it unless it is powered by redstone.

Simply Conveyors Mod 2

Vertical Conveyors

Conveyors that go straight up.

Simply Conveyors Mod 3

Inverse Conveyors

Yup, it has upside-down conveyors too.

Simply Conveyors Mod 4

Inverse Holding Conveyor

Inverse version of the Holding Conveyor. Instead of working like a normal inverse conveyor when it is powered by redstone, it drops the entity it is holding straight down.

Simply Conveyors Mod 5

Conveyor Ramps

Stair versions of the normal conveyors. Only really works with players.

Simply Conveyors Mod 6

Hopper Conveyor

Works just as a hopper would. Sends items downwards, and downwards only.


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:






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