[1.11] TorchMaster Mod Download

79064  TorchMaster [1.11] TorchMaster Mod Download

TorchMaster Mod gives you a special torch which prevents mob spawning in a configurable radius. It is so interesting that you should play it.

b5ff9  TorchMaster 1 [1.11] TorchMaster Mod Download

Version 1.1 adding a new Block: The Terrain Lighter is a block that places torches in a configurable area. The Terrain Lighter needs fuel (Coal, wood or any other furnace fuel), torches and a redstone signal to operate (Lever, Redstone Torch, etc). The Block helps you lighting up the area around you while you build your home early game.

You should keep in mind that the Terrain Lighter is not perfect. There might be a few spots which are not lit enough to prevent mobspawning, but it should be decent enough for all those lazy guys out there.
b5ff9  TorchMaster 2 [1.11] TorchMaster Mod Download


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