[1.11.2] Better With Mods Mod Download

To put it simply, Better With Mods Mod is a personal passion project.


The more direct answer is that it is a reimagining of the FlowerChild’s Better Than Wolves Mod, utilizing the standards set by the Beta 1.7.3 version, adapting and adding content based on updates made by Mojang.

What’s in it?

Currently, the main item of interest in the mod is the mechanical power system, as well as nearly everything associated with it.


As of right now, the mod is still in a work-in-progress status. While work is being done to provide basic progression, the main goal is compatibility and expansion.

In terms of vanilla changes, there is the option to establish safe havens in the Nether with materials which are not native to the dimension (enabled by default). The ability for mob spawners to spread moss, as well as harvesting trees are slightly more difficult and only dropping planks, sawdust, and bark are without the proper tool.


  • This mod comes packaged with JEI compatibility.
  • Modded logs provide planks corresponding to the log type, either through the saw, or through Hardcore Lumber.
  • Soulforged Steel and Concentrated Hellfire are registered Tinkers Construct materials.
  • As of 0.9.2, this mod comes with native MineTweaker support, courtesy of primetoxinz


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:








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