[1.11.2] T-Square Mod Download

T-Square Mod provides a set of precision creative building tools for single player Forge (1.10.2) from a former dev of VoxelSniper. T-Square seeks to avoid all text commands for a fully mouse-driven experience. This mod’s main goal is to make a version of VoxelSniper that can be used in Vivecraft.  While T-Square will never be able to reproduce 100% of the VoxelSniper experience because of the interface differences, T-Square Mod should be very familiar to anyone who used the original Bukkit plugin.


For those unfamiliar with VoxelSniper, here is a simple analogy: If Minecraft is paint, T-Square is photoshop.  Rather than placing blocks one at a time, you can place hundreds or thousands of blocks using a wide variety of tools or “brushes”: Cubes, sphere, lines, triangles, and more are possible with T-Square.  Terraforming is a breeze with tools such as blob, blend, and smooth.



User Guide


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