[1.12.2] Tough As Nails Expansion Mod Download

Tough As Nails Expansion Mod is a tech addon for the Tough As Nails Mod.

Tough As Nails Expansion Mod


Portable Temperature Regulator

  • Maintains player temp to a comfortable level
  • Requires RF to function
  • Baubles support (any slot)

Thirst Quencher

  • Quenches player thirst as needed.
  • Requires RF and Water to function
  • Integrated water filtration/cleaning
  • Baubles support (any slot)


Temperature Regulator

  • Block version of the temperature regulator.
  • Maintains confortable temp for all players in radius of 20 blocks (default/configurable)

Config Options:

  • PortableTempRegulatorCap – RF capacity for the Portable Temperature Regulator
  • TempRegulatorBlockRFCap = RF capacity for the Temperature Regulator Block
  • TempRegulatorBlockRadius – Effective radius of Temperature Regulator Block
  • ThirstHealthFix – Makes thirst health regen respect same logic as hunger
  • ThirstQuencherRFCap – RF capacity for the Thirst Quencher


Minecraft Forge

Tough As Nails Mod




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