[1.3.2] Chert Craft – New Stone Ore – Craft Flint Gravel and More

This mod works with both Modloader (ML) and Forge Modloader (FML).
This mod is compatible with my mods Corn Nuts, Desert Cotton Plant and Optional Mods in both ML and FML versions.
Compatible with Mushroom Torch Mod in ML using the “c” version, FML version includes unstable chert recipe.
There is a separate release for ML and FML. Both have the same tool specs and as close to the same armor specs. Both versions have the same spawn ratio averages for stone ores.
You might need to start a new world, haven’t tested this on an existing world.
The ML version uses a config file so you can change the block IDs in case of mod incompatibility.
Chert Craft will work with the Tall n Deep Mod and generates all cherts double the vanilla world height and should spawn in every layer. Nether cherts should have a chance to spawn in every layer.
The FML version has the Mushroom Torch mod built in, with the unstable chert added to the mushroom torch recipes.
This mod adds new stone to your world that you can mine and craft from. The stone generate in random sizes ranging from very small to large.
Four tool and four armor sets available to craft with balanced specs to fit into the vanilla world.
Craft chert glass from chert sand.
You can build walls, stairs and pressure plates out of chert bricks. Furnaces can also be built out of chert stone.
Unstable chert is a handy way to make torches or to smelt stuff in the furnace but watch out, it will explode when you mine it and if your close enough it can damage you or even knock you off a ledge to your death. Hardcore mode and an unnoticed unstable chert can be a game killer.
Unstable chert maybe also be hit by lightning, if this happens to you please let me know so I know it works.
You can now smelt gravel, but unlike the standalone mod, Chert Craft smelts gravel to chert which can be crafted from. A new gunpowder recipe is included and uses the same as the standalone mod, but instead of flint it now uses white chert. You can also use charcoal instead of coal, as well as unstable chert.
New Items:
Blackened Chert: 
Red Chert: 
Golden Chert: 
White Chert: 
Unstable Chert: 
Chert Stone: 
Chert Brick: 
Chert Glass Panels: 
Mined (Or Smelted) From:
White Chert: 
Red Chert Ore: 
Golden Chert Ore: 
White Chert Ore: 
Unstable Chert Ore: 
Chert Stone Ore: 
Chert Stone: 
Chert Sand: 
Install this version by placing the downloaded class files into your “minecraft.jar” file (Don’t worry the folders will just add the new contents without removing anything)
Install this version by placing the downloaded zip file into your “mods” folder.
However you install your mods.
The ML version auto generates all item IDs except for the axes. The axe IDs are with the block IDs and can be changed in the config file in case of mod incompatibility. To get the axes to work with Treecapitator, add 256 to the Item ID and add those shifted IDs into your Treecapitator config file.
The FML version always uses the same IDs picked from an open spot on the FML ID list. The axe shifted IDs are listed below.
Use the axe item shifted IDs below in your Treecapitator config file to get Chert axes to work.
Default FML Axe Item Shifted IDs: 8789; 8799; 8809; 8819
The FML IDs are not changeable.
Default ML Axe Item Shifted IDs: 3521; 3522; 3523; 3524
The ML IDs are changeable in the config file.

Use this download for Forge Modloader

Use this download for Modloader.


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