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I think it is safe to say that the any mod that is added to help protect you and your prized belongings from mobs is a great addition. Many mods opt to abolish mobs from the game altogether, however these decrease the enjoyment of the game overall and don’t really have anything positive. That is why I think that this mod is great, it adds an ability and feature to the game to protect from creepers! It actually makes you work for your own safety, which is a very good feature as it makes Minecraft more realistic! This mod basically adds a whole new bunch of blocks to the game which in turn can be crafted into a CREEPER-PROOF bunker!

BunkerCraft Mod Main Features

  • Aggregate Ore is added to the game! When mined, you can successfully create a Aggregate block… which is the core crafting substance within the mod!
  • Rebar is a new substance that is added into the game that helps with the production of cement! Cement is a weaker block and is used mainly for decoration!
  • Concrete is a stronger block than cement, and has blast resistance! (Which is the material for your BUNKER!)
  • Reinforced sand and glass is added to the game! (Sand and glass with blast resistance)

More recipes are in the screenshot section above!

BunkerCraft Mod Positives and Negatives

PROS: This mod not only improves the features of Minecraft, but adds more realism to the game as you now have to go through a whole process just to defend yourself! This mod is very simple to install, is available for server multiple player and client single player and is fully updated and bugless!
CONS: Believe it or not, there aren’t any negatives! This is just a simple, precise modification!

BunkerCraft Mod Changelogs

  • 4 New sets of armour have been added to the game!
  • 9 different types of insta-shelters have also been added!
  • 2 New weapon types have been implemented!

How to Install BunkerCraft Mod

  1. First of all, you need to correctly download and install MODLOADER!
  2. After you have done that, simply download the latest version of BunkerCraft and drag and drop the .zip folders into the ‘mods’ section of your Minecraft.jar directory!
  3. Then delete the META-INF file and run Minecraft!


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