[1.4.7] Derpy Squid Mod Download

This mod adds in everything squid


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Derpy Squid Mod
  • Put Derpy Squid Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

This Mod works both SSP and SMP

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Derpy Squid Screenshots

New Mobs

Baby squid – tiny little squids

 Derpy Squid Screenshots

Flying squid – a squid that learnt the magic art of flying yet it still seems insanely derpy…

 Derpy Squid Screenshots

Squid Man – the missing link between you and the squid

 Derpy Squid Screenshots

Explosive squid – this squid is so derpy it ate some high powered explosives that will explode as soon as it takes even a bit of damage. Oh dear…

 Derpy Squid Screenshots

Squid wolf. Craft squidwolf summoner like so:

06e4d  wpYIyzp Derpy Squid Screenshots

And then use golden inky sacks on your new squidwolf to tame him.

 Derpy Squid Screenshots

Extra Derpy squid – so Derpy it doesn’t even drop anything

 Derpy Squid Screenshots


Derpy Squid Recipes

06e4d  mJ8YNvG Derpy Squid Recipes

You can use these ink sack packs to make the armour in the mod:

06e4d  NCgeMrA Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  4Y9THLd Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  x7dnYas Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  39g6yYq Derpy Squid Recipes

You can also put them together to make a block with which you can craft the amazing derpy tools:

06e4d  gOwAQpP Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  hIL56AU Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  GkpS6VV Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  THcyeWI Derpy Squid Recipes
06e4d  vYc0Mnp Derpy Squid Recipes

Now we can combine ink packs with gold to get these golden ink sacks:

06e4d  HUHVXD4 Derpy Squid Recipes

Now we can make those into golden squid blocks:

06e4d  RJi1U79 Derpy Squid Recipes

And we can make ourselves a portal. Just place a squid block inside the golden squid block portal frame:

And also the fun Derpinator. The blue things are squid meat, they now drop from squids (try cooking them too):

06e4d  vtpEGu0 Derpy Squid Recipes

Always remember to make your squid gun. I would never leave home without it:

06e4d  bNO7ra6 Derpy Squid Recipes