[1.4.7] Edible Ores Mod Download

Edible ores is a mod that allows you to survive only on things that you can mine. It adds three ores, Belizium, Terrarium and Ruinite. Belizium is used to craft a potion that is used to create edible iron and gold. Tearraruim, when refined, is edible and can be used to craft a Terrarium apple (a higher teir golden apple). Ruinite when mined drops ruinite shards which can be made into ruinite gems which are used to make a healing stone.



  • 1) Install Modloader.
  • 2) Drag your edible ores zip file into your mods folder
  • 3) Open up your minecraft.jar and your edible ores zip with winRAR or 7zip
  • 4) Drag the uy.class file from your edible ores zip into your minecraft.jar
  • 5) Create a new world and play!


  • 1) Install Minecraft Forge.
  • 2) Drag your edible ores zip into your mods folder.
  • 3) Create a new world and play!

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Edible Ores Screenshots

Belizium ore

eecd5  Edible Ores Mod 1 Edible Ores Screenshots

Terrarium ore

89f7f  Edible Ores Mod 2 Edible Ores Screenshots

Ruinite Ore

89f7f  Edible Ores Mod 3 Edible Ores Screenshots


Edible Ores Recipes


Belizium dust (smelting):

b2abc  4fec66c3ebd3717fa16b413dd8d0d493434bb1e06e27636e992f65a34a0674714g Edible Ores Recipes

Edibility Mix (crafting):

b2abc  0c6c08b15571379fd094ee96ee14ec8cc0cfdc1e9775000f67325f7eea6a1bae4g Edible Ores Recipes

Potion of Edibility (crafting):

4113a  a5e50ccd84d47ae7e4056166b0f00b84377ae76e79949ae5aecd24a816ad142a4g Edible Ores Recipes

Edible Iron and Edible Gold (crafting):

4113a  7b440d337ff2a1ba5a1562c3436d7ef2e7c16c68dbb374e56badf2bf262133584g Edible Ores Recipes

10fd6  76a129e384dd9793b36e69ea8352945b87020f9da2565aea4b79c1aceb1c97af4g Edible Ores Recipes


Terrarium Ingot (smelting):

84078  31ce3fa7cbcc48408e9535838d6649a3c30115b81bee121b24eb61746b412e8b4g Edible Ores Recipes

Terrarium dust (crafting):

65834  24f0f9d09b089b19cffadc5e5f9153365522122f3044245a3ea5cdb41b7fdf184g Edible Ores Recipes

Pure Terrarium Dust (crafting):

65834  ad53d612d89399ad82fb975c13d724dfe035fa176b1c3ec01633bc033aed327e4g Edible Ores Recipes

Pure Terrarium Ingot (smelting):

65834  5292b3af4dfa435c74d5c46aadb206a3a0e1951474fdd614dd7cef30cab82e004g Edible Ores Recipes

Terrarium Apple (crafting)

da01b  efdb397e2bbe6b1c522e01d49197b8aad384aeaf3f94624b9154bc9d6029417e4g Edible Ores Recipes


Ruinite Gem:

da01b  e94bda83e8ee177dfcf5d913ed40e01384f9a26f0ad3d5c5597d3a94f2a3c70b4g Edible Ores Recipes

Healing Stone:

e6afe  29c8266adbe2fb11d312b08551e3dcd1b406fcf664e72c53f7d71349b88f766c4g Edible Ores Recipes


Edible Ores Changelogs


  • Added a special drop to some dirt: seed of life
  • Added edible coal
  • Added edible redstone
  • Added edible diamonds (really awesome)
  • A few bugfixes and minor changes.