[1.4.7] Iron Dimension Mod Download

The dimension is the Iron Dimension. It has Iron Grass, Iron Dirt, Iron Trees and Soft Iron. The Iron dimension has tons of Iron Golems in it as well. To build a portal to the Iron dimension: you just make the same as a nether portal but instead of Obsidian you have Iron Blocks then light it with an Iron Flint and Steel

There is now a Gold Dimension with Golden Golems. To get to the dimension you need to make a portal with Gold Blocks. Now a Diamond Dimension!


  • A Brand new Iron dimension: The Iron dimension: Features Iron Golems, Iron Cows, Iron Grass/Dirt, Soft Iron, Super Iron Ore and Iron Trees.
  • A New Portal: Made like a nether portal but instead of Obsidian use Iron Blocks.
  • Custom Flint and Steels.
  • A New Super Iron Ore with Tools (with Sword), Armor and a Super Iron Block.
  • Radioactive Iron Ore with Ingot, Radioactive Iron Block, Sword, Armor, Pickaxe and Shovel (WIP)
  • A Golden Dimension with Golden Golems, Gold Grass/Dirt and Soft Gold.
  • A Brand New Diamond Dimension!
  • Iron Sticks for tools
  • Iron/Gold Bricks for building
  • Custom Creative Tab for Iron Dimension Items and Blocks, a Tab for Gold Dimension Stuff and a Tab for upcoming Diamond Dimension Stuff.
  • Achievements!


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Iron Dimension Mod
  • Put Iron Dimension Mod file into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done

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Iron Dimension Screenshots

58a8e  Iron Dimension Mod 1 Iron Dimension Screenshots

58a8e  Iron Dimension Mod 2 Iron Dimension Screenshots

da08d  Iron Dimension Mod 3 Iron Dimension Screenshots

9359e  Iron Dimension Mod 4 Iron Dimension Screenshots

dc59d  Iron Dimension Mod 5 Iron Dimension Screenshots

39ef3  Iron Dimension Mod 6 Iron Dimension Screenshots

11337  Iron Dimension Mod 7 Iron Dimension Screenshots


Iron Dimension Recipes

Super Iron Block

11337  n4y7s Iron Dimension Recipes

Super Iron Tools

ac857  TPMr8 Iron Dimension Recipes

ac857  9uMJV Iron Dimension Recipes

ac857  EWvXm Iron Dimension Recipes

ac857  IHjUJ Iron Dimension Recipes

ac857  RGKku Iron Dimension Recipes

Super Iron Ingot

2cdfa  eaC6R Iron Dimension Recipes

Super Iron Armor

2cdfa  zqwfx Iron Dimension Recipes
2cdfa  WadGk Iron Dimension Recipes
2cdfa  y7MQF Iron Dimension Recipes
2cdfa  0xmtT Iron Dimension Recipes

Radioactive Ingot

2cdfa  qWaGb Iron Dimension Recipes

Radioactive Sword

2cdfa  2LO19 Iron Dimension Recipes


Iron Dimension Changelogs


  • Added Diamond Dimension (ID 13)
  • Added Iron, Gold and Diamond Flint and Steels. (Crafted with a F&S in the middle surrounded by their ingot/gem)
  • Fixed Mobs Being Buggy and laggy.
  • Added Custom skies in the dimensions.
  • Added Iron Block, Gold Block and Block of Diamonds to their respective Dimension creative tabs.
  • Super Iron and Radioactive tools/armor now require regular sticks till I get Iron Trees working.