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Hearts and Shards
Legend Gear Mod
Slain enemies and the new Mystic Shrubs have a chance to drop hearts, which instantly heal you a small amount when collected, and emerald shards, which can be assembled into emeralds if you collect a lot of them – a total of 64 shards makes 1 emerald. To assemble emerald shards, hold a stack of at least 8 of them and right-click to make an emerald piece, and do the same with emerald pieces to make emeralds. If you need to make change, you can craft an emerald into 8 pieces, and a piece into 8 shards, using the crafting grid.

Mystic Shrubs
Legend Gear Mod
Legend Gear Mod
These fascinating teal plants grow in clusters scattered across the landscape. They can be chopped down to get a chance of hearts, shards, and arrows, and will slowly regrow on their own. During a thunderstorm, they become energized, dropping more valuable things, and with a chance of very special prizes – but they will discharge with a lightning strike if you or a mob steps on them, so be careful! Mystic shrubs cannot be transplanted with shears, but the very rare Mystic Seed will allow you to grow a new cluster of them.

Bombs and Bomb Flowers
Legend Gear Mod
Bombs are a new throwable item, with a maximum stack size of 16. Bombs explode 4 seconds after being thrown, dealing a moderate amount of explosive damage and very high knockback in an area of effect, without damaging blocks. Bombs cannot be crafted, but can be gotten from energized mystic shrubs, or from a creeper that dies to an explosion. They can also be harvested from Bomb Flowers, which grow near lava, if you have a Bomb Bag. Bomb Flowers can be transplanted by shears if fully grown, and will grow on smooth stone or netherrack next to a pool of lava (similar to sugarcane’s growth requirements).



Quiver and Bomb Bag
Legend Gear ModLegend Gear Mod
These handy new tools will enable you to more readily carry arrows and bombs, as well as seeing your supply of them at a glance. The quiver can hold up to 200 arrows, and the bomb bag can hold up to 50 bombs. Both can be emptied and filled by use of the crafting grid – craft a quiver on its own to take arrows out of it, or craft it with arrows to fill it; the same applies for the bomb bag and bombs. (For convenience, the quiver can also be filled by right-clicking with it in your hand.) Right clicking with the bomb bag will throw a bomb, and left-clicking on an armed bomb with it will disarm the bomb, enabling harvesting of bomb flowers.

Magic Mirror
Legend Gear Mod
This valuable item is handy for returning to the surface after exploring a mineshaft or cave – when used, after a moderate charge time it will teleport you to the most recent place that you were under open sky while having the mirror in your inventory.

Magic Boomerang
Legend Gear Mod
This versatile throwing weapon can deal damage to multiple enemies, break tall grass and similar blocks, and retrieve dropped items for you. It will magically home in on you on its return path, though if you somehow manage to avoid it for several seconds it will drop onto the ground ready to be picked up. It deals a bit less damage than a diamond sword, and has 750 durability – each block broken or mob hit consumes one use.

Phoenix Feather
Legend Gear Mod
A valuable but pricey consumable item – if you would get killed with a phoenix feather in your inventory, it will automatically use itself to revive you at half health, giving you a few seconds of invulnerability in the process. The phoenix feather has a maximum stack size of 1..

Legend Gear ModLegend Gear ModLegend Gear Mod
Medallions are magical items that store up a particular type of energy. In this version, there are three types – Fire,Wind, and Earth. When a medallion is first crafted, it’s uncharged, requiring you to take 50 total points (25 hearts) of damage of a particular type with it in your inventory in order to charge it. The fire medallion requires fire or lava damage, the wind medallion requires damage from arrows, and the earth medallion requires falling damage. When fully charged, a medallion can be thrown, shattering it for a powerful area-of-effect attack, or it can be crafted into various items.
Legend Gear Mod
Each of these three medallions can be crafted into a protective amulet, which can counter 50 points of damage while actively used (holding right-click) before breaking. The Pyro Amulet converts fire damage into healing, the Geo Amulet converts falling damage into a powerful Legend Gear Mods

hockwave, and the Aero Amulet reflects incoming arrows back at the shooter.

The Earth Medallion can also be crafted into a Titan Band, which lets you pick up, carry, and throw other living creatures. Any damage to you or the creature you’re carrying will cause you to drop it.

Augmented Swords
Combine a sword with a charged medallion in the crafting grid to augment the sword with an additional offensive ability. Charge the sword by holding block, and unleash the attack by releasing block and swinging the sword when it’s fully charged. Using the special attack consumes a percentage of the sword’s durability, based on the material’s enchantability rating; a gold sword will last for 100 activations, while an iron sword will last for 56 and a diamond sword will only last for 40. Choose your weapon wisely!Augment: Earth Medallion
Creates a shockwave in the ground around you.

Augment: Fire Medallion
Launches a fireball directly ahead, igniting what it hits.

Augment: Wind Medallion
Launches a whirlwind ahead of you that carries creatures and objects with it.

Sugar Cubes and Rock Candy
Legend Gear ModLegend Gear ModLegend Gear ModLegend Gear ModLegend Gear ModSugar cubes are not recommended for use as a construction material, as rain has a tendency to melt them. Rock candy (with real rock flavoring) will give you a 15-second sugar rush, boosting your movement speed, as well as providing an additional effect depending on the flavor.

Legend Gear Mod
Good old smashable jars! They will slurp up the first item drop they come in contact with, and drop it again when smashed. You get lots per crafting, because I don’t want to deprive anyone of the joy of smashing pottery.

Legend Gear Mod
Nasty pointy things! They can be placed on any level surface, and when stepped on they are destroyed, inflicting 1 heart of damage and severely hindering movement for 5 seconds. Watch out, because they blend in rather well with stone surfaces, easily injuring the unwary.

Sword Pedestal!
Legend Gear Mod
A proper place to store the most legendary of swords! Or any random sword, whatever floats your boat. Right-click an empty pedestal with a sword to place it proudly on display; right-click the pedestal with an empty hand to draw the sword.When it contains a sword, the pedestal strongly powers the block below it with a redstone signal. Great for traps, noteblock fanfares, etc.

Legend Gear Mod
BOING! This is the Hook Shot! It extends and contracts and… BOING! It can grapple many things!(Any wooden block, to be specific.)

LegendGear is a mod inspired by The Legend of Zelda and other classic games, providing new weapons, consumables, and accessories, as well as adding a couple new plants to world generation.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Legend Gear Mod zip file
  • Put Legend Gear Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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