[1.4.7] MAC Shaders Mod Download


  • Lens Flare
  • Working Motion blur.
  • New waving stuff like Water, Lava, Lily pads and much more!
  • Godrays for Sun and MOON.
  • Gamma corrections
  • Optimized at some points.
  • Better lighting

49c19  MAC Shaders Mod 3 [1.4.7] MAC Shaders Mod Download


  • Download and install Optifine HD
  • Download and install GLSL Shaders Modified Mod
  • Download MAC Shaders Mod
  • Open the Game and go to Option > Shaders and Click on the Shaders Folder buttons (It should open new windown)
  • Copy MAC Shaders Mod to your .minecraft/shaders Folder
  • Back to Game and choosing the shaders you downloaded
  • Finish and enjoy the game

Texture Pack: Faithful Texture Pack

Note: If you got an Intel graphic card make sure to use the specific shaders for it. Move the water files and the env folder from it to your favourite texture pack if you dont want to use it

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MAC Shaders Screenshots

Godrays and Lens flare!

75bc0  MAC Shaders Mod 1 MAC Shaders Screenshots

clear water and a decent waving!

49c19  MAC Shaders Mod 2 MAC Shaders Screenshots

49c19  MAC Shaders Mod 3 MAC Shaders Screenshots

Smoother nights!

c8ed3  MAC Shaders Mod 4 MAC Shaders Screenshots