[1.4.7] Primitive Mobs Mod Download

595bc  Primitive Mobs Mod [1.4.7] Primitive Mobs Mod Download

Primitive Mobs is a mod which add numerous new mobs into your Minecraft world. However unlike some mods out there, this mod adds mobs which are familar to the regular Minecraft player. These mobs look like vanilla features however they add completely new features and behaviour which can benefit the player or the opposite. Before you start checking them out remember: You don’t have to like them all, as mobs can be turned off. Also all mobs will spawn in ExtraBiomesXL biomes when that mod is installed


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Primitive Mobs Mod zip file
  • Put Primitive Mobs Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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  1. Max
    January 31, 2013, 7:11 pm

    Its an incredible MOD!
    The mobs are brilliant! Everyone has its own “features” and interesting
    skins. I’ll download it RIGHT NOW!
    P.S. SkyDoesMinecraft sent me!

  2. Guest
    February 1, 2013, 1:16 am

    sky sent me to lol

  3. lOl
    February 2, 2013, 4:26 pm


    February 9, 2013, 3:41 pm

    Sky is doing best commercials for you.

  5. Herobrine
    February 9, 2013, 8:22 pm

    I have some Ideas for the next update of this mod: Players! they are steves that run around and mine and spawn in small houses. tameable (sort of) right click them while sneaking and he will follow you around killing mobs if he sees any. Herobrine: KILLS EVERYTHING and is super strong. Fire skeleton: orange skeleton will shoot flaming arrows at you and set you on fire if you touch him.

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Primitive Mobs Screenshots

The Primitive Mobs:

595bc  travellingmerchant Primitive Mobs Screenshots
595bc  traveltestificate Primitive Mobs ScreenshotsDetails:
These are basically the same as all other Testificates. The only difference is that they spawn randomly in the world the way animals do. They will not despawn like any other testificate. However because they walk around randomly in your world, they don’t have a place to hide from zombies.
They trade random stuff as they choose random trade items from all testificate classes.Same health as any other testificate: 20.
They don’t drop anything.

Spawn Time: Any time, Biomes: river, forest, plains, forestHills, extremeHills, desert , Location: Above ground.

If another mod adds items to the Testificate trading item list, this fellow will also choose from those items.

595bc  lostminer Primitive Mobs Screenshots
27ec3  losttestificate Primitive Mobs Screenshots
These don’t act like normal Testificates apart from the fact that they are scared of zombies. You can’t trade with them and they only appear underground. When you find one, it will follow you around while crying for help (crying particles). You can choose to leave it to die or bring him back to the surface (above y = 60) to make him happy. When on the surface, right-click it for your emerald reward (between 1 and 6 emeralds)! You can only help every Lost Miner once.Same health as any other testificate: 20.
They don’t drop anything.Spawn Time: Any time, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Underground (below y = 60)Extra:
Zombies love to attack these guys, making the chance of the player finding a testificate zombie way higher.

27ec3  hauntedtool Primitive Mobs Screenshots
27ec3  hauntedpickaxe Primitive Mobs Screenshots
The Haunted Tool is an enemy mob. They attack any player on sight.
Haunted Tools come in different appearences. They can spawn as a pickaxe, an axe, a shovel or a sword. This is randomly decided. However they also come in different tiers which correspond to the Minecraft tool materials. They can spawn as a wooden, a stone, an iron, a gold or a diamond tool. Different factor depend on their tier. Here is a list:1 Strength = 0.5 heart damage without armorWooden Tools: Strength: 1, Health: 10
Stone Tools: Strength: 2, Health: 20
Gold Tools Strength: 5, Health: 5
Iron/Steel Tools: Strength: 3, Health: 30
Diamond Tools: Strength: 4, Health: 50Higher tiers are obviously more rare.
Tier Rarity Table:

Wood – 35%
Stone – 30%
Gold – 20%
Iron – 10%
Diamond – 5%

When killed, they drop themselves of course 100%. This makes finding a diamond tool worth killing it.

Spawn Time: Nighttime above ground, any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Above ground and underground.

These are actual floating items, meaning that these are texture pack compatible!

27ec3  mimic Primitive Mobs Screenshots
7ca24  mimicchest Primitive Mobs Screenshots
Whenever you find a chest in a mineshaft, you are overjoyed! Untill now… now you can never be sure anymore…
Mimics are chest-like enemies which spawn in caves. They will appear as normal chests. When the player right-clicks them, 2 things can happen. They change into a normal chest containing random loot (25% chance) or they will change into an enemy mimic and start attacking you (75% chance)!!.Health: 20
Strength: 2
Drops: 1 Chest 100%Spawn Time: Any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Underground (below y = 40)Extra:
Their loot takes the item directly from the Mineshaft loot list. So if any other mod would add items to that, they would also appear in these chests!
Also their in-game name is Mimic Chest so it doesn’t interfere with other mods hopefully.

7ca24  treasureslime Primitive Mobs Screenshots
7ca24  rainbowslime Primitive Mobs Screenshots
This is probably the main attraction of this mod. They are cute, colorful and awesome! They act and look the same as any other slime though.
Treasure Slimes have a specific item in them. When killed they will drop this item. Large slimes almost always have something different then a slimeball in them. A medium slime has a bigger chance of getting a slimeball, while a small slime will always contain a slimeball.
There is a large variety of items that the slime can contain. The colour and emitted particles depend on that item.Details on items coming soon….Health: Depends on size
Strength: Depends on size
Drops: The contained itemApart from the normal Slime spawn locations:

Spawn Time: Any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Underground (below y = 40)

Item Rarity table:

Heart (Tameable) – 15%
Slimeball – 6%
Cookie – 6%
Enderpearl – 6%
Glowstone dust – 6%
Gold ingot – 6%
Gunpowder – 6%
Iron ingot – 6%
Redstone dust – 6%
Blaze Powder – 6%
Lapis Lazuli – 6%
Snowball – 6%
Magma Cream – 3%
Cake – 3%
Diamond – 3%
Emerald – 2%
Golden Apple – 2%
Fire Charge – 2%
Eye of Ender – 2%
Music Disc – 1%
Saddle – 1%

Tameable and colourable slime!
If you spot a White slime with a heart in it that keeps following you without actually damaging you, make sure to sneak and right-click! It will pop on your head and then it is tamed!!

7ca24  tame Primitive Mobs Screenshots
When tamed, it will become totally black. This is normal.
To make it mount the player, just righ-click it while sneaking!
When right-clicked normally, they will stop moving! Otherwise it will keep following the player.
To completely heal it, right-click it with a slimeball!
It will not despawn!

The player can change their color using RGB values.

To change the R color value, use a red rose on the slime.
To change the G color value, use a cactus green on the slime.
To change the B color value, use a lapis lazuli on the slime.

The amount of items that are required to get a specific color are acquired like this:

Check the R, G and B value of the color that you want (on the internet or in a editing program).
Then do this:
R / 2 / 2 = amount of red rose
G / 2 / 2 = amount of cactus green
B / 2 / 2 = amount of lapis lazuli

So: 63 Rose Red, 63 Cactus Green and 63 Lapis Lazuli = White.
The jumping particles can be changed by using different items on them (those items will not disappear however they will emit that particle to indicate that it worked). Can you find which items change to which particle? Experiment!

– The owner of the baby slime isn’t saved yet. So in Multiplayer, a tamed slime will act the same towards every player.

7ca24  spiderfamily Primitive Mobs Screenshots
d483e  spidermother Primitive Mobs Screenshots
Mother Spider:
Mother Spiders spawn with 0-6 baby spiders. They are quite strong and will do anything to protect their children. A Mother Spider will attack players on sight or when one of her babies is being attacked. One baby spider will always be on her back.Health: 30
Strength: 4
Drops: String, Spider Eye or a Spider Egg (see below)Spawn Time: Nighttime above ground, any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Above ground and underground.Baby Spider:

Baby spiders only spawn with a Mother Spider. They will follow their mother around everywhere. They don’t attack players unless provoked. When their mother is being attacked, they will attack the attacker to protect her. When attacking they emit smoke particles out of anger.
When the Mother Spider dies, they cry (crying particles) and will wander around aimlessly. However they will still attack when provoked.

Health: 10
Strength: 1
Drops: String

Baby Spiders can be tamed!!
Mother Spiders rarely drop Spider Eggs.
d483e  eggsb Primitive Mobs Screenshots
Spider Eggs can be used to spawn a Baby Spider! This baby spider will then see you as its mother! It will follow you around and will not despawn. When spawned, a Spider Egg Shell remains. This can be used to catch the Baby spider again (it can also be used to steal babies from mother spiders).
Right-click a baby spider with a Spider Egg Shell to make it go back into its egg.
Right-click a baby spider with noting in your hands to set it to aggressive mode. In this mode it will attack all mobs (no creepers or tamed allies). It will emit smoke particles to indicate its mode. Right-click again to turn it off.
They will teleport to you when you go too far away.
When you right-click it with some rotten flesh it will fully heal.
When you right-click it with a fermented spider eye it will grow one stage. It has 5 growth stages, so 5 fermented spider eyes are needed. Warning: Putting it back in its shell will make it go back to stage 1 unless fully grown.
In stage 5 it will change into an adult spider and will walk around randomly. It will not despawn and you can keep it contained using fences or enclosed areas. It will not go back into its shell. It has increased Strength and health! Right-click the spider with nothing in your hands to mount it and ride it! Awesomness achieved!
d483e  spidermanu Primitive Mobs Screenshots

– The owner of the baby spider isn’t saved yet. So in Multiplayer, a tamed (baby) spider will act the same towards every player.

d483e  rocketcreeper Primitive Mobs Screenshots
66943  bluecreeper Primitive Mobs Screenshots
These little buggers form a new threat to every Minecrafter. Not only do they explode like normal creepers, they do it in a more devious way. They approach the player and JUMP UP into the sky. When they land they explode! The jump makes it possible to evade however in a cave… there might not be enough space to jump so instant explosion! Miners beware…Health: 15
Increased Speed!
Drops: TNT (not 100%)Don’t worry they are rarer than normal creepers.Spawn Time: Nighttime above ground, any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Above ground and underground.

Like other creepers, these take the no-griefing setting of a server into consideration.
They drop a different record then normal creepers when killed by a skeleton!

66943  festivecreeper Primitive Mobs Screenshots

66943  redcreeper Primitive Mobs ScreenshotsDetails:

You thought rocket creepers were dangerous? Think again. These guys are sure to ruin your day. While they look so innocent, they are sure to give you an unpleasent welcome present in the form of Primed TNT! When attacking, they throw TNT when the player is further away. However when the player approaches, they run away instead of throwing. So it is best to just barge in and attack up close! Watch out though, they leave a trail of fire to protect themselves when running.
When below 5 health they go berserk and start throwing TNT even when you are close! On top of this all, they are immune to fire and explosions O_o Good luck!

Health: 25
Drops: Flint & Steel (not 100%)

Don’t worry they are way rarer than normal creepers.

Spawn Time: Nighttime above ground, any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Above ground and underground.

Like other creepers, these take the no-griefing setting of a server into consideration.
They drop a different record then normal creepers when killed by a skeleton!
Festive Creepers will not throw additional TNT when you get inside a house.

66943  brainslime Primitive Mobs Screenshots
b671a  pinkslime Primitive Mobs Screenshots
These little suckers jump around beaches. They are like little parasites as they will grab onto the player’s head when approached! Then they start sucking your brainzz like zombies!! Punch them to remove them from your head! Larger slimes are more dangerous.Health: Depends on size
Strength: Depends on size
Drops: SlimeballsSpawn Time: Any time of the day, Biomes: beach, ocean, river, Location: Above ground on Sand or Gravel blocksExtra:
They have an awesome brain-sucking animation when on a player’s head.

– They can be very persistent in following the player.
– Sometimes they break up into larger slimes instead of smaller ones.

b671a  supportcreeper Primitive Mobs Screenshots
b671a  yellowcreeper Primitive Mobs Screenshots
When approached they actually act like normal creepers. That is… when they are alone.These guys act like supporters for other mobs. When there is another hostile mob close, they will follow it and add the following potion buffs to that mob: Strength 1, Fire Resistence 1 and Speed 1. When that mob is destroyed they will choose another mob when one is close, so make sure to get rid of them.
When supporting a creeper while a player approaches, it will add another buff to the creeper…. IT WILL SUMMON A LIGHTING BOLT TO CHARGE IT!
On top of that, it slows down nearby player by giving them a slowness potion effect.
Without a mob to support, it will act like a normal creeper.
So be on your guard.Health: 30
Drops: Fire Charge (not 100%)Don’t worry they are rarer than normal creepers.

Spawn Time: Nighttime above ground, any time underground, Biomes: all biomes , Location: Above ground and underground.

Like other creepers, these take the no-griefing setting of a server into consideration.
They drop a different record then normal creepers when killed by a skeleton!

b671a  extra1f Primitive Mobs Screenshots
b671a  extra2h Primitive Mobs Screenshots

This mod does work for LAN and SMP

There is a config file in the config folder once you run the game with the mod installed once. Use it to disable mobs, change mob spawn frequencies and change the item ID of the Spider Egg (700) and Spider Egg Shell (701).

ExtraBiomesXL and BiomesOPlenty support will be automatically applied when installed.

Primitive Mobs Changelogs


  • Fixed Configuration files booleans
  • Fixed some more info on the topic.