[1.4.7] Rancraft Penguins Mod Download

4e3fc  Rancraft Penguins Mod 5 [1.4.7] Rancraft Penguins Mod Download

Rancraft Penguins adds ten different species of penguins to your world:

  • Emperor Penguins
  • King Penguins
  • Yellow-Eyed Penguins
  • Magellanic Penguins
  • Galápagos Penguins
  • Adélie Penguins
  • White-Flippered Penguins
  • Little Blue Penguins
  • Flame Penguins
  • Ninja Penguins




  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Rancraft Penguins Mod
  • Put Rancraft Penguins Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

09492  Rancraft Penguins Mod 1 Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

A tamed Emperor Penguin with its chick.

09492  Rancraft Penguins Mod 2 Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

A “convincing” disguise

90be7  Rancraft Penguins Mod 3 Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

A family of Yellow-Eyed Penguins

74f2d  Rancraft Penguins Mod 4 Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

Magellanic Penguin

4e3fc  Rancraft Penguins Mod 5 Rancraft Penguins Screenshots

Group photo!

Rancraft Penguins Changelogs


Fixed entity ID conflicts that occurred when RancraftPenguins was used with large mod-packs like Mindcrack in FTB. This was causing crashes in multi-player whenever a player was attacked by a Ninja Penguin, and it was causing single-player to always fail to launch.

Other improvements in 1.4.7i:

  • Added localization for all penguin items for two languages:
    • Russian
    • Chinese (traditional characters)
  • Fixed a creative mode bug where right-clicking on a wild penguin with a spawn egg was spawning a seated tame chick that belonged to nobody (so it couldn’t stand up). Now it spawns a wild chick.
  • Reduced volume for the loudest penguins (except the Ninja Penguin — it’s still loud!)
  • Added penguin weapon information on rollover.
  • Changed shurikens in creative mode to be more like arrows. Now you can no longer fill up your inventory by throwing and retrieving shurikens in creative mode.