[1.4.7] Teleportation Mod Download

Make the nether wand and right click. It will generate a portal nearby or teleport you to the nearest one. The second wand if you right click it will remember that place and when you go away and right click with that wand again  you will go to where you first right clicked with it in your hand.

7952b  Teleportation Mod 2 [1.4.7] Teleportation Mod Download

This mod adds:

  • Obsidian sticks
  • Ender wand
  • Nether Wand
  • Trether Ore
  • Teleporting Ore
  • Teleportation fragments
  • Trether Fragments
  • Flint and diamonds
  • Trether Block
  • Teleportation dirt
  • Teleportation grass


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Teleportation Mod zip file
  • Put Teleportation Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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Teleportation Screenshots

The dimension

7952b  Teleportation Mod 1 Teleportation Screenshots


7952b  Teleportation Mod 2 Teleportation Screenshots

The Trether Ore

ceddd  Teleportation Mod 3 Teleportation Screenshots

Teleportation Ore

ceddd  Teleportation Mod 4 Teleportation Screenshots

Crafting for wands

ceddd  Teleportation Mod 5 Teleportation Screenshots


Craft obsidian sticks

7e6d8  Teleportation Mod 6 Teleportation Screenshots

How to craft flint and diamond

7e6d8  Teleportation Mod 7 Teleportation Screenshots