Minecraft Forge on your minecraft.jar 2.-Drag BaconMod.zip to your mods folder 3.-Enjoy" />

[1.5.1] Bacon Mod Download

Minecraft Forge on your minecraft.jar 2.-Drag BaconMod.zip to your mods" target="_blank">Click here to search other versions

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39ae2  Bacon Mod 2 [1.5.1] Bacon Mod Download


  • 1.-Intall Minecraft Forge" href="http://www.9minecraft.net/api-minecraft-forge">Minecraft Forge on your minecraft.jar
  • 2.-Drag BaconMod.zip to your mods folder
  • 3.-Enjoy

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Bacon Screenshots

cbc42  Bacon Mod 1 Bacon Screenshots

39ae2  Bacon Mod 2 Bacon Screenshots

9b5a2  Bacon Mod 4 Bacon Screenshots

Bacon Recipes

Tools: All tools except the Sword, Hoe, Bacon Bow, Bacon Arrows and Bacon Staff are edible!


Durability – 100 uses

Fb7K6 Bacon Recipes


Durability – 100 uses

Food points – 2.5

ZyITd Bacon Recipes


Durability – 100 uses

Food points – 2.5

NLGdN Bacon Recipes


Durability – 100 uses

Food points – 2.5

l9DNx Bacon Recipes


Durability – 100 uses

jNtRJ Bacon Recipes

Bacon Staff: used to tame bacon mobs

Durability – 100 uses

MzFD0 Bacon Recipes

Bacon Bow: used to shoot bacon arrows

Durability – 500 uses

mCy4M Bacon Recipes

Bacon Arrow: ammo for the bacon bow

WC96g Bacon Recipes

Armor: Has the same durability as Iron/Chain Armor!


IfhC5 Bacon Recipes

Chest Plate:

iE5uM Bacon Recipes


WURhl Bacon Recipes


X56iX Bacon Recipes


Beer Mug:

ah3CZ Bacon Recipes

Glass Cup:

wvZZR Bacon Recipes

Bacon Pet Egg: used to hatch bacon mobs

ZWgyR Bacon Recipes

Bacon Grenade: bacon themed explosives!

AgGdQ Bacon Recipes

Bacon Gun: uses cooked bacon as ammunition

03sSR Bacon Recipes

Bacon Sapling: can be placed to grow a bacon tree, resulting leaf blocks can be sheared to get bacon

wQNKe Bacon Recipes

Bacon Block: can be found naturally in the wild as well as crafted for decoration

H4tRv Bacon Recipes

Bacon Logs: gathered after chopping down a bacon tree, can be crafted into oak planks

bLD7S Bacon Recipes

Bacon Leaves: can be sheared for raw bacon

nCuLu Bacon Recipes

Bacon Flower: can be found naturally in the wild and used for decoration

jJHqJ Bacon Recipes


Raw Bacon:

Food points – 1.5

ahRaW Bacon Recipes

Cooked Bacon:

Food points – 2.5

Ig4np Bacon Recipes

Gay Bacon:

Food points – 3.0

Effect: gives the player a resistance and jumping boost

yBtuI Bacon Recipes


Food points – 2.5

TcQ65 Bacon Recipes

Nutella on Bread

Food points – 4.0

PNGTS Bacon Recipes

Bacon Sandwich:

Food points – 3.5

EJ6Vo Bacon Recipes

Deluxe Sandwich:

Food points – 5.0

1z4aY Bacon Recipes

Taco Shell:

Food points – 1.0

K7AYH Bacon Recipes


Food points – 5.0

zOt9t Bacon Recipes


Food points – 1.0

gJew2 Bacon Recipes


Food points – 3.0

j0jGK Bacon Recipes

Cheese Wheel:

Food points – 3.0

xS8qM Bacon Recipes

Cheese Slice:

Food points – 0.5

G3a8t Bacon Recipes

Raw Meat:

Food points – 1.0

BuSht Bacon Recipes


Food points – 2.5

u7zT9 Bacon Recipes

Meat Soup:

Food points – 3.0

ENKJd Bacon Recipes


Food points – 2.5

t0Bo7 Bacon Recipes

Cooked Egg:

Food points – 2.0

o9MV1 Bacon Recipes


Food points – 2.0

Effect: the player has the effect of ‘drunkenness’

6OJPr Bacon Recipes

Chocolate Milk:

Food points – 2.5

EIIUh Bacon Recipes


Food points – 1.5

lbUMa Bacon Recipes