[1.5.1] CJB X-Ray Mod Download

This mod will show you all the blocks you want in the world. Simply head over to the CJB Option menu and  there you can you can mark the blocks red which you don’t wanna see. Press the X-Ray key and voila you now will see all the blocks you want. There is also a Cave and nightvision option for you to use.

CJB X Ray Mod 3 [1.5.1] CJB X Ray Mod Download


  • NUMPAD 1: X-Ray view
  • NUMPAD 2: Cave View
  • NUMPAD 3: Nightvision View


  • Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed and CJB API. Place CJB XRay.zip inside the mods folder. Place the CJB XRay Core.zip in the same folder where Forge is installed.

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CJB X-Ray Screenshots

0f450  CJB X Ray Mod 1 CJB X Ray Screenshots

X-Ray View

521ea  CJB X Ray Mod 2 CJB X Ray Screenshots

Cave View

55618  CJB X Ray Mod 3 CJB X Ray Screenshots