[1.5.1] Durability101 Mod Download

Durability101 adds a color-coded counter that shows the number of hits or uses left on tools and armor in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Unlike many other durability readout mods, Durability101 can be seen from the hotbar without mousing over items and is designed to be super compact.


  • Counter changes color with the durability bar to provide a better visual representation of the uses left
  • Compact durability bar and counter
  • Durability readout is visible without having to mouse-over inventory items
  • Durability estimate for tools with unbreaking enchantments
  • Normal, Large, and Hidden display states; press [H] to toggle.
  • Does not require ModLoader or Forge (works on Vanilla clients)
  • ModLoader & Forge compatible version


  • Make a backup of your minecraft.jar file/folder.
  • Search for and navigate to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin(Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin (Mac).
  • Open the minecraft.jar file with WinRAR (Windows) or TheUnarchiver (Mac)
  • If on a Mac, rename the now unarchived minecraft.jar folder as “minecraft.jar” (instead of just “minecraft”); delete the original minecraft.jar file.
  • Move all files inside of the downloaded mod folder into the minecraft.jar file/folder.
  • Delete the META-INF folder.
  • Start Minecraft and enjoy!

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Durability101 Screenshots

Normal display mode

e0454  Durability101 Mod 3 Durability101 Screenshots

Large display mode

79baa  Durability101 Mod 4 Durability101 Screenshots


Durability101 Recipes

Without Durability101

83000  Durability101 Mod 1 Durability101 Recipes

With Durability101

2682e  Durability101 Mod 2 Durability101 Recipes