[1.5.1] Elemental Creepers Mod Download



Here are all the recipes for spawn eggs, but I’m not going to tell you which creepers they spawn. See if you can guess them all (some are obvious, some are not).
The recipes are also shapeless, so the items can be put anywhere in the grid to create them. The spawn eggs in the pictures are creeper spawn eggs

Elemental Creepers Mod Recipes


Are the normal creepers too boring? Is a creeper simply exploding and destroying all the things you worked hard on not depressing enough? Well now you can have various other creepers that will make the game way more frustrating for you!

Breed friendly creepers with flowers to produce this:

The Creepers:

Fire Creeper
Spreads a large radius of fireWater Creeper
Creates a big puddle of water

Earth Creeper
Creates a large brown “monument”

Ice Creeper
Freezes water/lava and spreads snow

Lightning Creeper
Strikes nearby entities with lightning

Psychic Creeper
Launches all nearby entities

Magma Creeper
Creates a pool of lava, leaves a trail of fire as it walks. Only found in the nether

Ghost Creeper
It’s explosions harm/launch animals as normal but doesn’t destroy any blocks

Friendly Creeper
Tameable like wolves. Feed it gunpowder to tame, feed it flowers to heal. Right-click with an empty hand to make him stay. When tamed this creeper gets a heart on it’s chest and follows you around. When close enough to monsters, he creates mini explosions which don’t hurt him or you or destroy blocks.

Cookie Creeper
Explodes in a shower of cookies!!! Killing him won’t yield any cookies

Illusion Creeper
When close to player splits into 5 creepers all identical, only 1 will explode.

Light Creeper
Same as earth creeper but with glowstone.

Dark Creeper
Destroys everything with fairly high light value in it’s radius.

Reverse Creeper
Flips the blocks in it’s radius (ones on bottom go to top, ones on top go to bottom).


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Elemental Creepers Mod
  • Put Elemental Creepers Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


If you wish to change various things with the creepers, you can find a properties file in %AppData%/.minecraft/config called mod_ElementalCreepers. It contains options for just about everything in the mod, all the creeper spawn rates, radius of effect where applicable, power where applicable and the chance of ghost creepers spawning after killing another creeper.



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  1. add mod elemental creeper in minecraft 1.5.2 please



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