[1.5.1] GrowthCraft Flowers Mod Download

40da1  GrowthCraft Flowers Mod [1.5.1] GrowthCraft Flowers Mod Download

GrowthCraft Flowers gives another way to farm roses and dandelions (other than using bone meal all-over the lawn). In addition to this, it also adds another flower for the magenta dye which can spread lily pads to its vicinity.

b8d4d  GrowthCraft Flowers Mod 1 [1.5.1] GrowthCraft Flowers Mod Download


  • 1.   Install Minecraft Forge.
  • 2.   Download the .zip file
  • The .zip file is named with the following pattern:
    • “growthcraft-(name of the mod)-(minecraft version) –(mod version)”
      • Example: “growthcraft-flowers-1.5.1-1.0”
  • 3.   Go to your MineCraft mods folder.
  • If a mods folder doesn’t exist, create one.
    • Windows 7:
      • C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
    • Windows Vista/XP:
      • C:\Documents and Settings\*your user name*\Application Data\.minecraft\mods
    • Linux:
      • /home/Your User Name/.minecraft/mods
    • Mac OS/X:
      • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods
  • 4.   Copy the downloaded .zip file (“growthcraft-(mod)-(mcver)-(modver)”) to your MineCraft mods folder.’
  • 5.   Start MineCraft and enjoy!

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