[1.5.1] Minaptics Mod Download

Adds a Zoom key. Adjust by holding the Zoom key and looking up or down. Setup your Zoom key in the keyboard settings.

The reason why this isn’t an item is because, first, it’s Glitter, and you can use it on any server for sightseeing purposes and screenshot taking, so nothing is required to run it.

Technically it’s not zooming, but changing the field of view (FOV).

When in-game…

  • Pressing the Zoom key will zoom in or out.
  • Holding the Zoom key down will zoom in, and as long as you’re holding that key down, looking slightly up will zoom in, and looking slightly down will zoom out. The amount of zoom is saved for later use.

Requires ModLoader. The FML variant that is included in Minecraft Forge should also work.


  • You can install this mod like any regular mod, by putting the contents of the archive in .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.
  • You can also install it by putting the archive file into .minecraft/mods/ folder.

Download links for other versions:





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