[1.7.10] More Herobrines Mod Download



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spawns in plains and drops leather.

2012052711c57bf76b25c57bf76b49c57bf76bpng More Herobrines Screenshots

Sandstone Herobrine

spawns in desert and drops sandstone.

201209020761f1f1aa2961f1f1aa1361f1f1aapng More Herobrines Screenshots

Ice Herobrine

spawns in taiga and iceplains and drops ice.

Snow Herobrine

spawns in taiga and iceplains and drops snowballs.

201210041110646d815010646d812710646d81png More Herobrines Screenshots

Netherrack Herobrine

spawns in nether and drops netherrack.

2012052711d0f3d9f141d0f3d9f103d0f3d9f1png More Herobrines Screenshots

Light Herobrine

spawns in nether and drops glowstonedust.

Slow Herobrine

spawns in nether and drops soulsand.

2012052711eb70c7c043eb70c7c048eb70c7c0png More Herobrines Screenshots

Mushroom Herobrine

spawns in mushroomisland and drops red- and brownsmushrooms.

2012052711403bd3b226403bd3b231403bd3b2png More Herobrines Screenshots

Natural Herobrine

spawns in jungle and swamp and drops leaves and vines.

20120527114ec252f5284ec252f5084ec252f5png More Herobrines Screenshots

Forest Herobrine

spawns in forest and drops grass.

2012090207f64de28e45f64de28e56f64de28epng More Herobrines Screenshots

Ender Herobrine

Spawns in end and drops ender pearl.

20120710115038775708503877574550387757png More Herobrines Screenshots

Burrito Herobrine

Spawns in forest and plains and drops 4 boritos. (Thanks for the great idea TheHolyPork)

201207162188a56edf5888a56edf2388a56edfpng More Herobrines Screenshots

Troll Herobrine

Spawns in forest, extremehills and plains and drops paper.

2012071622cd37949321cd37949339cd379493png More Herobrines Screenshots

Zombie Herobrine

Spawns in every biomes of the overworld and drops rottenflesh.

201207162263681bff3763681bff4563681bffpng More Herobrines Screenshots

Aqua Herobrine

Spawns in ocean, beach, extremehillsedge and mushroomislandshore and drops waterbuckets.

2012090118c056df5d06c056df5d48c056df5dpng More Herobrines Screenshots

Pirate Herobrine

Spawns in ocean, beach and drops iron- and goldingot.

2012090207d604972626d604972647d6049726png More Herobrines Screenshots

Zombie Pirate Herobrine

Spawns in ocean, beach and drops iron- and goldingot.

20120901184da48b0d004da48b0d524da48b0dpng More Herobrines Screenshots

Angel Herobrine

Spawns in extremehills and drops glowstonedust.



au6thf4qj8w1 More Herobrines Recipes

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download links for other versions:





  1. This mod looks so cool I’m so downloading this. 😀

  2. Hi, i installed the mod and they look so cool. I was gonna use this mod for mob battles but i decided to do some survival. I watched a few mod showcases telling me that they would randomly spawn in the world, and that each herobrine is spawned in a different biome. The problem, they won’t spawn, i had hard mode on with all my other mod mobs spawning, just not the herobrines. I must of gone to 5 different biomes and not seeing a single one of them, help?

  3. I have a problem. The herobrines don’t appear visible. I can hear them, they can hurt me but I can’t see them, I can’t hurt them. Has anyone got the same issue?



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