[1.5.1] No Slimes in Superflat Mod Download

Slimes are an essential mob for the item, sticky pistons. They are kind of rare for they only spawn in certain chunks and only from level y:40. People who play legit vanilla survival minecraft would love to find these slime chunks. However in the superflat world, where most people want to test redstone invention or wonderful aesthetic creations, it gets kind of annoying since they keep spawning and hop everywhere.
If you are part of the majority of the people of Minecraftia who are annoyed of these slimes, this mod is for you! As the name implies, the No Slimes in Superflat mod gets rid of the slimes in superflat!

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The No Slimes in Superflat is part of a series of mod made by MamiyaOtaru for his little OCD needs. MamiyaOtaru creates these kind of mods to change just a little feature in the game so we can choose the tiny little change we want to make to the Minecraft game as each of us would like.

How to Install No Slimes in Superflat Mod

  1. Download Modloader
  2. Find minecraft.jar ( .minecraft / bin )
  3. Extract Modloader zip file with an archiver
  4. Open minecraft.jar with an archiver
  5. Drag files from Modloader into minecraft.jar
  6. Delete META-inf
  7. Download No Slimes in Superflat
  8. Extract No Slimes zip file with an archiver
  9. Drag files from No Slimes zip into minecraft.jar

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