[1.5.1] Slime Chunk Finder Mod Download

Original by KingCold999, update by calebmanley. Sick of looking for slime chunks manually? This mod adds a new GUI map tool to help you find them!


How do I use this?

  • Once you have the mod installed, all you need to do is press the slime chunk GUI keybind (Default: “M”).
  • This will pop up an empty GUI with a button up top asking you to get the seed.
  • Press the button and it will display a map of all the chunks around you and whether they can spawn slimes or not.

Alright, I’m convinced, how do I install this wonderful tool?

  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge, so you will need to install that first.
  • Next just drop the mods .zip folder into the /mods folder.
  • All done! Simple, right?

Does this work on multiplayer?

  • It all depends on whether you have access to the /seed command.



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