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Mods are usually based on unique ideas that are developed by the creator of the mod initially. Sometimes features that are to be implemented into the game are based or are very similar to other mods/games. This can be a little frustrating at time simply because players/users are often searching for original and entertaining mods in which they have never seen or heard of before. The Palaria mod is a very unique, and incredibly well developed mod in which works to introduce a great many features into the game of Minecraft. These features are not only unique, but quite intelligent and well thought up. The developer: Coolgatty, has delved into the creation of his piece of work to produce a wonderful, and perfected mod for the users to enjoy.

Inside the mod, the player/user will find a large and wide list of features that range from ores, to mobs and even tools/weapons. These features have all be implemented together so that the game of Minecraft can be significantly enhanced, gameplay wise, all with the efforts of installing one mod. The new ores that can be found around the over-world  and the nether can be used as materials for crafting, and even fuels for furnaces. These features all prove to be very functional, and efficient ways to aid your quest for survival whilst playing the game of Minecraft in your world. In addition to the features that are given above; the mod also works to implement a set of very strange, yet interesting mobs. These mobs are hostile, towards both player and passive animals. These animals are a cross breed between both vanilla mobs, and prehistoric reptiles/dinosaurs. For example: The Creeptile, Raptor Chickenand the Baby Cowasaurus are all newly implemented mobs in which roam your world of Minecraft. Exploring your world has never been so excited, interesting and foreign without this mod. The question is: Can you survive the Palaria mod?

How to install the Palaria mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge mod.
  2. Download the Palaria mod.
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the “mods” folder. (If this folder does not exist, create it instead.)
  4. Drag the downloaded mod into the “mods” folder. (Do not extract)
  5. Finished.

Download links for other versions:



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  1. imagine putting all your foiarvte cars in one game, and the best part is you can exit your vehicle anytime, hehehe can racing games do that, huh?!>:]



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