[1.5.1] Torch Levers Mod Download

It adds a new item, the Torch Lever. It functions like a wall lever, but looks (and lights) like a torch. Mostly it was to practice using the Forge API, and adding custom looking blocks.

Texture Pack Configuration:
If you’re using a texture pack you will probably have to configure the buttons to appear in the correct places. There are 3 buttons, each with 2 position needing 4 settings, totaling 24 configuration settings, but it sounds harder then it is.Step 1: Run the mod once so it can generate it’s config file. This would be a good time to check and see how bad the buttons look in your texture pack. Use a book button on the top-left and bottom-right of a bookshelf block, a brick button similarly on a brick block, and finally test the top-left/bottom-right of a nether brick block and button. If they all look good then you’re done, congratulations.

Step 2: They looked bad, eh? I’m sorry, let’s fix that. Open the configuration file; on windows it might be located at %appdata%/.minecraft/config/TorchLevers.cfg, if you’re using a mod manager you’ll have to find where it keeps MineCraft instances. It will always be called TorchLevers.cfg, and will always be in the config folder.

Step 3: Figure out where you want to put the buttons (one should go in the upper left, and one in the lower right), you’ll have to look at the bookshelf, brick, and nether brick textures. (you can find them in the /textures/blocks/ folder of your texture pack) I’m going to use the vanilla graphics for an example:

942a7  Torch Levers Mod 1 [1.5.1] Torch Levers Mod Download

Step 4: Edit the configuration values for each pixel offset, topBookTop is for the top of the top-left book, bottomBookLeft is for the left of the bottom-right book, they are fairly straightforward. The values represent the number of pixels from the top or left (see above image). This will work with texture packs regardless of the resolution.

Step 5: Save the config and start up MineCraft and now hopefully everything will look good.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Torch Levers Mod
  • Put Torch Levers Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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