[1.5.1] Zombe’s ModPack Download

Zombe’s ModPack is one of the most popular Minecraft Mod Pack. This is because it has a combination of all the useful Mods available in Minecraft. You may wonder, useful? What useful things? Those things are like, flying, Chest Mod, Ores, and many more things. Many of these Mods in Zombe’s ModPack usually is a Mod used for changing things in Minecraft. Example, like digging speed, changes what happen when you die or something like that.

Zombe’s ModPack mods(old):

  • Boom = control bombs and damage control
  • Build = control all building commands, ex. Copy paste, infinite blocks, instant mine, brush, and more
  • Cart = the name tells, cart control! Control your Minecart around the world of Minecraft :)
  • Chests = when you throw something on top of a chest it automatically sucks it into the chest.
  • Dig = Altering , controlling digging speed
  • Furnace = do some cool stuffs with furnaces! Ex. change furnace recipes, 2 dirts into a diamond, AWESOME.
  • Growth = saplings grow in 10 seconds
  • Icons = show icons in front of the chest
  • Ores = Add new ores
  • Recipe = changing recipes into other cool recipes.
  • Resize = Resize animals and mobs!
  • Spawn = spawn mobs and others
  • And MANY more

Thanks to the developer (tazanite) for making a life in Minecraft easier! This is one of my favorite mods, if you liked it just download it!

How to Download and Install Zombe’s ModPack

  1. Download Zombe’s ModPack
  2. Download and Install Minecraft Forge API, MCPatcher HD
  3. Copy the files in “classes’ folder into minecraft.jar
  4. Copy the files in “config” folder into .minecraft/mods/zombe (if you don’t have create a new one)
  5. Try running Minecraft

Download links for other versions:






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