[1.5.1] ZombieCraft Mod Download

It’s ZombieCraft, the Nazi Zombies COD game adapted to Minecraft! A Collaboration created by myself, Pixelkids, Kane and MD65


  • Extract ZombieCraftLaunch.jar from the zip, you can put it anywhere.
  • Simply run ZombieCraftLaunch.jar for windows, or open with Java Platform, from anywhere! Or in command line: java -jar ZombieCraftLaunch.jar
  • For 3 extra maps: put the _contents_ of “ZC Extra Maps.zip” into %appdata%.minecraftzcmaps
  • ZombieCraft does not interfere with your regular minecraft game!
  • Alternative manual method after failed update: Put the  jar file in .minecraft/bin, run launcher and play.

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