[1.7.10] Ancient Warfare Mod Download

This mod is dedicated to bringing all sorts of ancient-warfare related tools and machinery to the Minecraft world.


  • Now available for MC 1.5.X
  • Uses Forge and FML for Mod compatibility (Use newest version for mods MC version)
  • Multiple Siege engines, with unique characteristics!
  • Many ammo types per vehicle
  • Vehicle upgrade and armor systems.
  • Land Mines!
  • Soldiers to fight for you, and against you.
  • Team-based gameplay aspects available.
  • Structures (see pic above)(world gen and survival mode availability)
  • Vertical-rise gates and extendable bridge blocks.
  • New hand weapons with 3d models (hand cannon, hand-rocket launcher)



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge in the Minecraft.jar as-per their instructions.
  • DO delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar
  • Run client once to make /mods folder appear(or create it manually)
  • Download the mod .zip file and install this in the mods folder in your minecraft directory like any other Forge/ModLoader mod

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Ancient Warfare Screenshots

ae94e  img LR night siege Ancient Warfare Screenshots

ae94e  img LR soldier mounted Ancient Warfare Screenshots

Siege Engines, Structures. (Iron gates and bridges not shown)

c9f67  img LR all Ancient Warfare Screenshots