[1.5.2] Better Ore Distribution Mod Download



ce504  Better Ore Distribution Mod 1 Better Ore Distribution Screenshots

876ce  Better Ore Distribution Mod 2 Better Ore Distribution Screenshots

40446  Better Ore Distribution Mod 4 Better Ore Distribution Screenshots

Changes the way ore generates so that they are semi-grouped together in mines. this promotes exploration, the use of minecarts, and you don’t have to strip mine anymore. Also a fully customizable ore distribution mod. Edit rarity, vein size, # of  veins, height from bedrock, diameter of mine, ores rates based on biomes, vertical cluster density, and horizontal cluster density



  • 1. You have to open the main file for minecraft which should be in C:user”user name”appdataroaming.minecraftbin
  • 2. There is a file named minecraft.jar, rename it to minecraft.zip
  • 3. open it with a winzip, or a similar compression program
  • 4. Drop the file into the winzip window over the single .class files below, Don’t drop it on the folders!
  • 5. If you haven’t for another mod, delete the META-INF folder
  • 6. Close winzip
  • 7. Rename minecraft.zip to minecraft.jar and your ready to play!

Download links for other versions:




  1. best. mod. ever.

  2. doesnt work. tons of gold, nothing else



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