[1.5.2] Crystal Alchemy Mod Download

Crystal Alchemy is a mod that adds a great deal of magical and alchemical items and blocks capable of aiding the player in many ways.

It adds 24 items and 9 new blocks including 3 machines, as well as an entirely new enchantment-style system.

So, now to the technicalities. What exactly does this mod add?

  • A range of end-game and not-quite-end-game weapons and tools that can be upgraded and customised through a system of alchemical materials.
  • A range of Alchemical Machines and devices to create and refine fuels, crystals and much more.
  • A new ore found mostly in the Nether that provides Inert Crystals, the basis of all other crystals.
  • A few new creative menu screens to organise all of the lovely new features.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Crystal Alchemy Mod
  • Drag and drop Crystal Alchemy Mod jar files into “Minecraft.jar”
  • Done

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Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

The Ores and Different Blocks

6ffda  wxPrbTj Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

From the left: Inert Ore; Inert Nether Ore; Alchemical Fuel Block; Alchemy blocks LV 1 2 and 3

Alchemical Machines

6ffda  uVdEdYA Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

From the left: Infuser, Diffuser, Imbuer

The Items

6ffda  ahxGSAP Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

From the left: Alchemical Fuel; Upgraded Alchemical Fuel; Imbuing Stone; Diffusing Stone; Infusing Stone; Inert Crystal; Luminous Crystal; Explosive Crystal; Empty Essence Bottle; Luminous Essence


6ffda  UEhnxYK Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

From left: Luminous Essence; Explosive Essence; Crystal Sword; Crystal Pick; Crystal Axe; Crystal Shovel; Crystal Hoe

They can even be used as (expensive) decoration

4836c  FFRsJa4 Crystal Alchemy Screenshots

The dark blue ones cost 1 diamond block, the dark red ones cost 1 gold block and the dark purple cost 1 iron block.