[1.5.2] EnchantView Mod Download

Enchanting is for some very rare, I know I never really bother to enchant tools or my sword, however I do know that it is VERY important for some of you, therefore thanks to Bombzen, he has created this Mod: EnchantView Mod. Enchanting can be a pain in the a** sometimes when you get some really nonsense improvement, something that will not really have an effect on your tool.

To help make sure that NEVER happens again, EnchantView Mod will show you exactly what you will get and you can even make sure you get what you desire. Now when you use the enchanting table, you will see 3 options on the right which states the options of the enchantment that you could choose from. Now if non of those really hits you, you can pull your tool out and put it on again in half a second and you’d get new options. See the video above if you don’t get the picture.

How to Install EnchantView Mod

  1. Download Modloader and thebombzenapi and install it.
  2. Download the latest version of EnchantView Mod
  3. Put all the contents in the folder into minecraft.jar
  4. Make sure you delete META-INF file
  5. That should do, have fun enchanting!

Download links for other versions:








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