[1.5.2] Famous 2 Mod Download

Famous 2 is a mod that adds 52 Famous people to your minecraft. It also adds Items, Blocks, Weapons, Tools, Food, Bosses, Dimensions, And more.

Famous People:

  • SkyDoesMinecraft (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Joebuz (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • TheCodyMaverick (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • Honeydew (Yogcast)
  • Xephos (Yogcast)
  • Sips (Yogcast)
  • Sjin (Yogcast)
  • Antvenom (AntVenom)
  • IpodMail (IpodMail)
  • CaptainSparklez (CaptainSparklez)
  • CaveManFilms (CaveManFilms)
  • MinecraftUniverse (MinecraftUniverse)
  • Wasliebob (Developer of Famous)
  • BebopVox (BebopVox)
  • Notch (Mojang)
  • HuskyMudkipz (HuskyMudkipz
  • Deadlox (Deadlox)
  • Jeb (Mojang)
  • ChimneySwift11 (ChimneySwift11)
  • xXSlyFoxHoundXx (xXSlyFoxHoundXx)
  • ThnxCya (ThnxCya)
  • paulsoaresjr (paulsoaresjr)
  • Mr360Game (Mr360Game)
  • Ninjaprolog (Ninjaprolog)
  • Hypixel (Hypixel)
  • SethBling (SethBling)
  • ihascupquake (ihascupquake)
  • Setosorcerer (Setosorcerer)
  • Gizzy Gazza (Gizzy Gazza)
  • KermitPlaysMinecraft (KermitPlaysMinecraft)
  • SSundee (SSundee)
  • DawnDigsMinecraft (DawnDigsMinecraft)
  • TCTNGaming (TCTNGaming)
  • MrGibbsPowerOn (MrGibbsPowerOn)
  • Hannah (Yogcast)
  • Duncan (Yogcast)
  • Martyn (Yogcast)
  • GameChap (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • Bertie (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • SCMowns (SCMowns2)
  • EthosLab (EthosLab)
  • SkitScape (SkitScape)
  • Keralis (Keralis)
  • Xisumavoid (Xisumavoid)
  • Hypnotizd (Hypnotizd)
  • OmfgCata (OmfgCata)
  • UberHaxorNova (UberHaxorNova)
  • Direwolf20 (Direwolf20)
  • Jerry the Slime (Captain Sparklez Slime)
  • And 3 Bad guys but you need to check them out youreself.

Items, Drops:

  • Butter: Drop From SkyDoesMinecraft.
  • Squid Butter Ingot: Drop from SquidMan.
  • Atlantic Ingot: Drop from Joebuz, TheCodyMaverick.
  • Ninja Ingot: Drop from TheNinjaProlog.
  • Jerry’s Slime: Drop from Jerry.
  • Jaffa: Drop from Honeydew.
  • Filitor Drop: You get this by defeating the Filitor.
  • Liquid Butter: Put Butter into the Smelter.
  • Butter Bread: Put an bread into the Riser (Liquid Butter as fuel).
  • Riser uses Liquid Butter as fuel.
  • Smelter uses Furnace Lava as fuel.
  • You can eat Jaffa and Butter
  • Butter is also used as fuel for the Famator.
  • You can smelt Filitor drop into Herobrine Killer, with the Famator.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Famous 2 Mod
  • Put Famous 2 Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


  1. brandon
    June 5, 2013, 1:05 am

    when i install this mod, im gonna spawn sky in a cage and keep him as my pet! >:D (Im a recruit. No offense sky.)

  2. brandon
    June 5, 2013, 1:10 am

    what the h3ll it crashed my minecraft

  3. Guest
    June 14, 2013, 11:20 pm


  4. Guest
    June 14, 2013, 11:28 pm

    nvm i found cupqake…

  5. Gaara
    September 16, 2013, 4:11 pm

    what about minecraft finest

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Famous 2 Screenshots

Butter Dimension

37240  Famous 2 Mod 1 Famous 2 Screenshots

Atlantic Dimension

f8cd6  Famous 2 Mod 2 Famous 2 Screenshots

The Filitor

f8cd6  Famous 2 Mod 3 Famous 2 Screenshots


Famous 2 Recipes

Butter Portal Placer: 
“GBG”,= Gold Block
= Butter

Atlantic Portal Placer: 

= Water Bucket
= Atlantic Ingot

Atlantic Safety Kit:
Two Atlantic Ingots.

Red Stone Brick
Put an Brick and 1 redstone in the crafting table.

Blue Stone Brick
Put an Red Stone Brick in the crafting table.

Butter, Atlantic, Ninja, Squid, Jerry Swords:
These sword’s are crafted like vanilla once only with other ingot’s.

Iron Ingot, Leather

Fire Blade
Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Lava Bucket

Fire Sword

H = Fire Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Wand Of Notch

S =  Blaze rod

D = Block of Diamonds
– = Nothing

Furnace Lava: 1 Bucket of Lava into the crafting table will het you 4 Furnace Lava.

There are some more recipe’s, it is best to use NEI (Not Enough Item) To find them!