[1.5.2] Gravity Gun Mod Download

If you like ‘Half Life 2′ then you are bound to love this mod. The Gravity Gun Mod adds a neat little gun to the game that is a lot of fun to play around with. The crafting of the Gravity Gun is very expensive, costing the player 4 Ender pearls, one block of glowstone and obsidian, 2 iron ingots and a single diamond. But why on earth is it this expensive, what does it do?

Gravity Gun Mod Main Features

  • One of the most noticeable features of this mod is the texture for the item itself, the texture is very professional and is well created! The aesthetics accentuate the diversity and fluency of the mod.
  • The primary function of the gun is to create a shock wave that will blast back entities.
  • If this blasted item comes in contact/collides with a mob, it WILL do damage!
  • The secondary function is to grab entities and pull them closer to you!

How to Install Gravity Gun Mod

  1. First of all, this mod requires Minecraft Forge API to install correctly, simply GO HERE to download and install it!
  2. Next just download the latest version of the mod and drag and drop it into ‘mods’ folder of your Minecraft.jar

Download links for other versions:











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