[1.5.2] Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod Download

4ba2e  Mine Blade Battlegear 2 Mod [1.5.2] Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod Download

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2, is a recreation of the popular combat mod for minecraft currently in development. The mod focuses on

  • Providing players with interesting and balanced combat features, including:
    • New weapons
    • Dual wielding of weapons
    • A shielding mechanic
  • An extremally high level of customisation for a select number of items
  • Opensource, meaning anyone is free to add to the code base

Heraldic Items

The heraldic items allow a player to customise their items by changing colours, patterns and vigils. This will all be controlled through a new GUI and an item (Heraldic Icon). When a heraldic icon is placed in a crafting grid with a compatible item, the item will take on the features of the heraldic icon. This could range from changing one or 2 colours to adding elaborate designs (think of it as leather armour dying on steroids).

Below is the GUI, this is opened by pressing the ‘p’ key

52285  Mine Blade Battlegear 2 Mod 1 [1.5.2] Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod Download

The heraldic icon item can be used to customise a number of items (currently only the 5 default swords) by placing it in a crafting grid with a valid item

The initial test release of this feature will give the player the ability to colour their swords.

Here is an image of Steve holding a red and a green sword.

52285  Mine Blade Battlegear 2 Mod 2 [1.5.2] Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod Download

Swords will only take the primary colour as the colour of their hilt and the secondary colour as the colour of a “gem”. All 5 swords will have this feature.

It should also be noted that this feature will not increase the amount of item Ids required (except for 1 required for the heraldric icon). Each sword no matter the colour will only take a single item ID.

New Weapons:

The flowing weapons are planned

  • Waraxe: Less damage than a sword against unarmoured enemies, more against armoured foes.[/b][/b]
  • Mace: Less damage than a sword but has a chance to daze enemies[/b][/b]
  • Spear: Less damage than a sword but can reach enemies from a longer distance (also bonus to damage while riding)\[/b][/b]
  • Dagger: Less damage than a sword but can ignore part of the flashing red hurt resistance time on emeies[/b][/b]

Dual Wielding:

Here are a few things known about dual wielding

  • Dual wielding will only be available for a select number of items (mainly weapons)
  • There will be an API that will allow other modders to make their weapons dual-wieldable
  • Left clicking will swing the mainhand weapon, right clicking will swing the left
    • This is the reason why not all items will be dual wieldable, basically any item that has a function on right click will not be usable in the system without use of the API and careful coding
  • 3 sets of new slots will be used for dual wielding. These will be accessed by a new inventory screen (separate from the default one)
  • Battlemode, where items can be dual wielded will be accessed by pressing the ‘R’ key
  • Dual wielding will make heavy use of coremod/ASM


Shielding will be implemented after dual wielding is released (it depends on the system). Shields will be able to be wielded with other weapons and will be able to be fully customised using the heraldic system. A few more details about the shielding mechanic are below

  • Shield blocking will be activated by holding the right mouse button
  • Blocking will prevent the player from taking damage from a certain arc in front of them (probably about 120 degrees)
  • Blocking will reduce a “stamina bar” preventing someone from constantly blocking (this is for balance)
  • Absorbing damage will both damage the shield and slightly reduce your “shield stamina”
  • There will be an API that will allow other modders to add shields


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod
  • Place the mod jar file in the mods folder
  • Done


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