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Why just have perfect leather just drop from an animal; Hide is now dropped instead. The tanning process not only makes leather more abundant. but adds an interesting new process for everyday use. with a satisfying result of a few bits of leather from a simple cow skinForging

Why make flimsy old tools on a big wood block with tools painted on the side. with twigs and ingots? Forging is the way to make tools properly and with care. By hammering a block you can properly craft superior tools for your mining needs and find more valuable uses for these tools.


What’s all this experience junk and these petty little orbs wasting space. Runes make enchanting a breeze. and allow you to choose what you want.(they may suck now, but eventually thed be a more mystical way of obtaining these)


Just randomly shoving ore into a box of stone isn’t really interesting. no matter. there’s a larger range of propper smelters out. allowing the mixing of alloys into more tools, means of heating them for use and great refineries for realistically obtaining steel.

Armour System

The armour system in Minefantasy not only ranges in protection and durability; but suits are also categorised into Armour class. The armour class ranges in 4 tiers

Light: For everyday use(No penalty)

Medium: For traveling(Small penalty)

Heavy: For defense/heavy assault(Debilitating)

Plate: For Heavy Defense(Highly Debilitating)

The effects from heavier armours will slowly increase exhaustion, slow down speed, reduce knockback, and with some armours, disable sprinting.

Armours can also gain resistances to elemental effects set. including fire, frost, shock, arcana, corrosion and physical

Weapon Bonuses

Weapons can give a range of player bonuses when used. both offensive and defensive:


Block Bonus

Damage boost

Armour piercing

Armour damaging

Stealth system

The stealth system isn’t very good; but (for compatibility reasons) will not be extensively featured(so don’t recommend ideas. they will likely be unfeasible)

You can remain undetected by mobs. while players are just as easy to spot you as normal.

While undetected. mobs won’t target you. they are effected by:



Distance to observer



Worn apparel

Sneaking/standing still


Standing still reduces noise as much as sneaking. but worn armour will make noise on any movement(except light armour)

Combat advantage

You can gain bonus damage from certain conditions

Flanking: When behind targets, you do more damage

Sneak attacks: you will land criticals when beind and undetectedContent

There is a wide range of content from all fields in this mod. mainly to create a goal to proceed through medieval technology. aswell; to sidetrack and play with your newly found items. some changes have been made to the game itself. Firstly you can’t mine iron ore with stone. you would have to use an iron equal to mine it by creating a bronze pick and setting up a simple shop (basically go through the bronze age before the iron age). There’s also other systems such as flanking, sneak attacks and a basic stealth system set up to give players their own advantage to use with lighter armours and strategy.


Minefantasy adds generations of all sorts to gameplay; each giving it’s own amount of uses. some being core components in gameplay; others simply being use for further aesthetics.Copper

MineFantasy Mod

Generates about half as iron. but upto layers 96. Mined with stone or better


MineFantasy Mod

Generates half as copper, layers 48 and lower. Mined with stone or better


MineFantasy Mod

Generates about as uncommon as diamond. but more predictable. Mined with diamond or better


MineFantasy Mod

Found only in certain chunks. is extremely abundant in them. mined with mithril or better


MineFantasy Mod

As common as gold. Mined with iron or better


MineFantasy Mod

Fairly abundant and varied. mined with stone or better


MineFantasy Mod

Generates in swamps, beaches and oceans, ranging in size per biome. mined with stone or better


MineFantasy Mod

Found in few chunks. but branches out and covers bedrock. mined with iron or better


MineFantasy Mod

Found in Forests and jungles

Components – be sure to check these out first

These small and basic items have a use in multiple fields. though being made with tech of certain tiers. will take use in miscellanious usues as well as being the main part in your creations


Planks are the backbone of all forged tools and weapons. since sticks. being crummy old splintery messes; These will take use in multiple creations

MineFantasy Mod

Iron Shard

Iron shards are used in a small range of misc items such as projectiles like bombs, knives and arrows.

MineFantasy Mod

Iron Rod

These haven’t much use; but would probabally have more later

MineFantasy Mod


Leather is highly used everywhere(see “Tanning” below)


Rather than leather just being dropped by animals. Hide is dropped instead. as you see it has no use individually. but can be tanned into leather. Hide is dropped by Wolves, hounds and cows.(allows mod support)Leather is a highly used material in forging. used for armours, handles, and belts within all sorts of creations

Tanning rack

MineFantasy Mod

Allows the hanging of cured hides to be cut or shaved into leathers


MineFantasy ModMineFantasy Mod

(See forging) Made with bronze or iron. to shave hide


Right-click in water when holding paper to retrieve salt


MineFantasy Mod

mix rawhide(or wolf pelts) with salt to create a salted pelt

Afterwards. right click repeatedly in water to clean off.

Right click an empty tanning rack with a cured hide to hang it


Shave hide into leather by clicking(either click) on a tanning rack repeatedly with a knife to shave, creating leather


Click leather on a rack with sheers to cut it into strips(if done directly after shaving leather; it will retrieve more strips: because hide yields more than 1 leather)

Remove items by right clicking with a non-tannable item


Utility blocks are not required. but provide a use on the side.

Weapon Rack

Allows the hanging of tools and weapons(items without subIDs)

MineFantasy Mod


Bellows can temporarily increase the temperature of a forge, increasing heating time and allowing better smelts.

MineFantasy Mod

Dog Bowl

Dog bowls can be filled with any food with right clicking. after that. it can’t be retrieved. when it’s full. hounds will eat from it when nearby and hungry

MineFantasy Mod


You can attach runes to the sides. allowing use to attack or defend entities.

MineFantasy Mod


Fire: burns enemies

Holy: strikes undead

Protection: heals

Kinetic: throws enemies

Water/Cools fire/hurts endermen


There are a small variety of aesthetic blocks in MineFantasy. allowing as either an easy/strong resource or for decorative purposes

Bricks(mud, cobble, granite)

These bricks allow a prettier method of building with cobblestone and dirt

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Clay Walling

MineFantasy Mod


MineFantasy Mod

Stairs/rooving(hay, cobble, smooth)

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Reinforced Planks

MineFantasy Mod


a wide range of the tiers in MineFantasy are created from smelting 1 or more items together

Most smelts use the bloom. that allows mixing 2 items into 1. (while some still use 1)


MineFantasy Mod

Coal allows 2 smelts

Materials By Tier


Copper is used to make basic tools. it hasn’t much more purpose other than to make bronze

MineFantasy Mod

Value: Low

Tier: 2

uses:Basic Tools, Basic Weapon


Used to make forged tools(consider it forged copper). Tools required to mine iron for the first time

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

(the ingot on the right is tin(texture has been changed)

Value: Low

Tier: 3

uses:Forged Tools, Forged Weapons, Advanced Weapons


Iron is as you know it. but can also be turned to wrought iron and forged. it has uses all round

MineFantasy Mod

(Wrought iron) used to forge

Value: Medium

Tier: 3

uses:Basic Tools, Basic Weapon, Basic Armour, Forged Tools, Forged Weapons, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Armour, Misc

Steel(see refining)

Steel is an advanced. high-durability material that supplies use everywhere. it can also be used in substitute for some recipes.

MineFantasy Mod

*Ingot on the right is gray iron: Made with blast furnace(See refining)

Value: High

Tier 3:

uses: Basic Tools, Basic Weapon, Basic Armour, Forged Tools, Forged Weapons, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Armour, Misc, Plate armour


MineFantasy Mod

*Fire gland on left see Dragon(mobs)

MineFantasy Mod

Made with magic essense(See Magic)

Value: Expensive

Tier 3:

uses: Forged Tools, Forged Weapon, Advanced Weapon, Advanced Armour


MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

*Mithril ore on left(See refining)

MineFantasy Mod

Value: Expensive

Tier 5:

uses: Forged Tools, Forged Weapon, Advanced Weapon, Advanced Armour



MineFantasy Mod

Value: High

Tier 1:

uses: Ornate weapons



1: Crush ore on anvil(like regular recipe) Ornate hammer

2: put in blast furnace

3: Repeat 2

4: mix in bloom with coal

Value: Treasured

Tier 5:

uses: Forged weapons, Forged tools, Advanced weapons


Refining is the process of turning regular materials into much pure, stronger materials. The main refining tool used is the blast furnace. Accepting coal and limestone. to purify what you put in.

Blast Furnace Construction

The blast furnace is made of multiple parts

*The granite base

*The shaft




The base shaft: (You will need 9 of these, including the ones used in the slots)

MineFantasy Mod

However if you have steel. you find it much easier to make these machines. Since steel is so strong and heat resistant. you would need much less protection on the machine

Use steel ingots in substitute of iron ingots for a cheaper build

Input, output and fuel slots (You need 1 of each)

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

With the parts. youcan start to make the furnace

The furnace must be place outside or atleast have the top block exposed to the sky

Steps to build(layer-layer)(You need 1 of each slotblock and 6 shafts)

Fist build a 3×3 area of granite (same level as the floor)

then add a circle with 8 granite arround it with lava in the centre(covering a 3×3 area)

put the fuel slot ontop of the lava facing where you want

put the output on the ground either infront, behind or direct sides, (level to the wall)

stack 4 shaft blocks ontop of the fuel then add the input block(face anyway)

add 2 more shaft blocks ontop.

Then add some platforms, ladders and structure however seemed fit to decorate and allow access


(http://www.9minecraft.net) Click this bar to view the full image.

MineFantasy Mod

(left to right) Basic skeleton, small example, large example

How to use

First: you need to obtain limestone.

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

the INPUT (up top) needs to have limestone and coal in their proper slots) then put in your input

MineFantasy Mod

Put fuel in the bottom block

take output from output block

You can only access blocks when clicking the front(apart from the output)


(Result : input)

Gray Iron : Iron ingot/ore(not wrought)

Mithril ore: Mithril block

Refined ignotumite: ignotumite ore

impure ignotumite ingot: refined ignotumite


Forging is the biggest and oldest feature of the mod. allowing tools to be made with style. each tool you make has it’s history that will pass down it’s lifespan. You become much more attached to your tools then ever before

*This method of forging hasn’t been seen in any mod yet.

How to Forge;

It’s pretty simple. put the recipe on the table(like a regular bench) and hit it with a hammer until the progress hits full.

Time your hits accordingly. do not repeatedly hit it quickly. if so; you would just end up going through hammers and taking forever crafting.

For optimal crafting time. hit the anvil every second.

Tiers of hardware

There are 3 anvil tiers and 2 hammer tiers right now


Bronze anvil can ONLY craft bronze items.

Iron anvil: Used for conventional tools

Steel anvil: Can make advanced items(special weapons and plate)

Exotic material and ornate weapons need an ornate hammer to craft

Forge / ingot Heating

MineFantasy Mod

used to heat up ingots

How to heat ingots

Put fuel in the forge to start up(coal, blazerod, lava)more will later be added

put the ingot in the top to heat.

some ingots need higher temperature than others

different fuels have higher temperatures. but use bellows to increase it furthermore

Coal should be able to heat most ingots when used with bellows

How to use bellows

Bellows crafting is located in “Util”

when placed, they face away from the player,

when right clicked, they pump air into an adjacent forge their facing

face a forge and place it next to it to use.

Recipes By Type

This lists the recipes crafted. different materials can make different items

Ignotumite, Dragonforge and Ornate tools must be made with an ornate hammer


Craftable materials: Bronze, Iron, Steel

MineFantasy Mod

Bronze: Makes bronze

MineFantasy Mod

Iron: Standard anvil

MineFantasy Mod

Steel: Makes advanced items

Basic Tool/weapon/Armour

Craftable materials: Copper, Iron, Steel

These are just the same as found in regular minecraft. made with sticks and ingots.


Craftable materials: Bronze, Iron, Silver, Steel

There are a few hammers that can be crafted. each with different performance and use

Bronze Hammer: Half speed

MineFantasy Mod

Iron Hammer: Standard use.

MineFantasy Mod

Ornate Hammer

Craft level 2:

MineFantasy Mod

Steel Hammer 2x Fast as steel

MineFantasy Mod

Forged Tools

Craftable materials: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Dragonforge, Ignotumite

Forged tools can be made on an iron anvil or better

*Bronze can be made on any anvil

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Hoe can turn tilled dirt into roads

MineFantasy Mod

Axe can land random critical hits

Forged Weapons

Craftable materials: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Dragonforge, Ignotumite

Just like forged weapons. made on iron anvil(bronze can be made on any anvil)

MineFantasy Mod

lands random cititcals


MineFantasy Mod

Poor weapon for newbies

Advanced Weapons

Craftable materials: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Dragonforge, Ignotumite

Can only be crafted on a steel anvil or better(even bronze needs a steel anvil)

Broadsword: better block(no crit, less damage)

MineFantasy Mod

Morningstar(High damage low durability)

MineFantasy Mod

Warpick(Armour piercing, breaks stone)

MineFantasy Mod

Advanced Armour

Craftable materials: Iron, Steel, Dragonforge

non-plate Armour that requires forging to make Can be made on different anvils(varies)

Chainmail: Made on iron anvil or better

MineFantasy Mod

*It makes 24 now) for a full suit

Chain is crafted like normal

MineFantasy Mod


MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Plate Armour

Craftable materials: Steel

Must be made on a steel anvil


MineFantasy Mod


MineFantasy Mod

Curved plate

MineFantasy Mod

light plate

MineFantasy Mod

heavy plate

MineFantasy Mod


MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Ornate Weapons

Can be made on an iron anvil With an ornate hammer)

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

MineFantasy Mod

Miscellaneous Items

There are a few items that can be created with components gathered in your travels.

These items can be useful and make great additions to equipment


By mixing the powerful dust of creepers and some coal. you can make blackpowder(yeh it’s only 2 of the 3 ingreedients it has)

MineFantasy Mod

Blackpowder has a large blast power with less environmental damage to creeper dust “That stuff is just so insane. you would have to downgrade to blackpowder”(Can be made with charcoal, but yields 3 instead of 4)

Paper Bomb

These are a basic explosive, doing about 1.5 hearts damage. These are renewable; making them a useful day-to-day projectile

MineFantasy Mod

Iron Bomb

Much more powerful with 3 hearts of damage, an iron bomb makes a useful high-power ranged weapon. upon being caught in the explosion. you will recieve a concussion; slowing speed and distorting vision for a short time.

MineFantasy Mod

Shrapnel Bomb

Upgraded from the Iron Bomb: and furthermore until level III

MineFantasy Mod

These don’t give a concussion but are extremely dangerous. upon exploding; they will release a massive number of shrapnels (multiplied by it’s level) outwards. making it a wide range weapon. Each shrapnel does 1/2 heard damage. but can stack up. a point blank blast should be able to kill a basic mob.

Upgrade the bomb by putting it in the same recipe(subbing in the iron bomb)

Furthermore. a strategic use of this thrown at a high place. can cause shards to rain down on those below over a wide range with little damage. Be warned: (especially in caves) you can get hurt when using this in close quaters

Thowing star

Cheap and easy to throw, does 2h damage

MineFantasy Mod

Throwing knife

Very damaging, with about 4h damage.

Will only do full damage when it lands blade side

Hold right click to slow down spins. time it correctly to increase range


There is also a variety of mobs in MineFantasy and will soon expand. They are broken into 4 categories (minion, lurker, brute, elite)however only brute and elite has mobs.

Mob Types:

Minion: Weak and low health individually. but found in groups accompanied by a leader. each using teamwork to beat their allies

Lurker: Everyday monster. found usually in dark areas, straight-on attack. regular health and single attack

Brute: tougher lurker. still dumb as rocks. but with higher stats and a small range of attacks

Elite: Strong and robust creatures. found in specific environments and have unique drops. have a range of attacks, defences, abilities and tactics. they have their own special AI and strategy for combat.

Difficulty: shows how prepared you should be to fight these creatures (ranges from 1(nothing) to 100(best of the best))

Brute Mobs


Hounds are beefed up wolves and are superior in every way. they are found in jungles, forests and stray in plains. they will attack feeble targets and fight the player in defense

MineFantasy Mod

Difficulty 5-30

Hostility: Neutral, Tameable

Health: Varies

Damage: Varies

Drops: Hound pelt


Bite: Basic damage(varied)


Hounds will wander the bushes and attack whatever it can. they will eat food from the ground and attack players who attack nearby hounds or wolves. They can be tamed with bones. each bone gives a 1 in 3 chance for a successful tame.


Minotaurs are lone hellish hybrids. usually travelling alone. they are usually found in the nether. but can be seen terrorising the above

MineFantasy Mod

Difficulty 40

Hostility: Hostile

Health: 40

Damage: 4

Drops: Hide, Beef



Does regular damage, knocks target back


Triples damage, increases speed


Minotaurs will pick a target and run straight in front on. They will charge whenever possible and beat their targets to death.

Skeletal knight

Skeletal knights will rise up on the surface at night. from there a group of armoured skeletons to acompany them.

MineFantasy Mod

Difficulty 20

Hostility: Hostile

Health: 30

Damage: 2

Armour: 6

Drops: Steel ingot, Steel broadsword, steel plate armour


Broadsword: Does 2 hearts damage


Physical: 2


Skeletal knights will attack targets front on: skeletons and zombies will attack the same target. The knight is slow but nearby skeletons will pick off the target as the knight comes in.

*Spawn eggs will cause the night to spawn in a group(because it follows the exact method. so don’t mention removing it)

Elite Mobs

Small Dragon

They keep to the mountains and fly down to spread havok over those who go near.

MineFantasy Mod

Difficulty 80

Hostility: Hostile

Health: 50

Damage: 4;

Armour: 6

Drops: Gunpowder, Fire gland


Bite: Does 4 damage,

Toss: Throws the enemy in the air

Breathe fire: Blasts the enemy with flame.


Fire 100 (immunity)


Dragons are highly offensive and tend to swoop down to start their fight. attacking with their jaws. upon taking hits. they will retreat to avoid further harm. coming back with a hail of flame. and exposing the distracted burning target with another bite. The dragon will also disengage entirely attempting to loose the attacker. to return by surprise.

Dragons will also retreat when the path is blocked. either finding an alternate route or waiting to ambush the target as they go out looking for it

Large Dragon

This larger dragon is rare. No images avalible, and no information on them.



Bring your kingdom

MineFantasy is a concept mod that brings a range of systems, process and content from what was used in the middle ages. giving gameplay a progressive goal to achieve the greater times of the age. Giving singleplayer a survival concept to go from stone to late middle ages and multiplayer, a community of trade and connections to both create allies and enemies.

Throughout gameplay survival. you will progress through the tech of the age. starting in the bare stone age. you will go in search for copper. upon obtaining enough for the copper age. at that point you would need to find tin and set up a forge to move to the bronze age. from there iron can be mined. With enough iron. the iron age awaits; a milestone that gives a decent grip on the core game mechanics. allowing access to most items. at that point. when obtaining about 2-3 stacks iron. you can create the advanced refineries required for the steel age. that would allow a great new material for use all across. making past challenges trivial allowing steel to replace other materials in construction. after gaining access to these. You would be able to branch out however seemed fit.





Installed just like any mod.

  • 1- Locate downloaded file
  • 2- Extract the file and use an archiver to put it into minecraft.jar


  • 2- Drag+drop the zip file into a mod manager or the mods file in minecraft
  • 3- And also, if you haven’t done so, delete the file named MetaINF (inside the minecraft.jar)


  • 1: Go Applications/Utilities, Open Terminal
  • 2: Put this in
cd ~
mkdir mctmp
cd mctmp
jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  • 3: Place all contents from the downloaded file and move them to “mcTemp” file created in step2
  • 4: Then type this into the console to accept
jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
cd ..
rm -rf mctmp



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