[1.8] More Enchantments Mod Download

This mod adds 23 new unique and exciting enchantments. Each offering a unique perk to change the way you play Minecraft!

Enchantments and stats:


1. SWIFTNESS: Gives the player speed 12.5% boost in walking/running speed per level.

2. HIGHJUMP: Allows the player to jump 1 block higher per level (so long as they’re standing on a dry solid block).


  • Freeze water into ice as you walk over it.
  • Freeze lava into obsidian as you walk over it (Minor fire damage can still be incurred if you move too quickly).
  • Put out fires by jumping on them
  • 1/5th of a change of negating fire/lava damage



  • Grass and mycellium spread in seconds.
  • Vines can grow faster than you can descend. Good for bungie jumping if you’ve got the guts!
  • Other crops/netherwart & mushrooms in proximity grow at over 100 times their usual speed (provided lighting/conditions if favorable).

5.Night Vision:

  • Exactly that. The effect remains on until you take off the helmet


6. ANTIVENOM: Provides resistance to poisons and splash potions of damage.

Protects 1/2 heart per level every 2.5 seconds and stacks with each piece of armour equipped with this enchantment.

E.g. If you have AntiVenom 3 on a chestplate and antivenom 1 on your helmet: this renders you impervious to poison II

However any extra splash damage/poison damage and you’ll start losing hearts.

7. DURABILITY: Armour has a 50% chance of not reducing durability when taking damage. Kind of like the unbreaking counterpart, but more expensive.

8. HASTE: Increased mining speed on pickaxes/shovels/axes. Stacks with efficiency arm swing increases each level.


9. Blast:

  • Creates a smokescreen, knocks opponents back.
  • Does 1+1 heart per level
  • Damage radius=3+

10. SHARPSHOOTER: Arrows you fully charge moves at double the speed, unaffected by gravity. Great for sniping from afar.

11. HOMING: Upgrade from SharpShooter

Two modes of fire:

  • Tracker mode: Arrows you fully charged, home in on the surface point that you stare at (whether a block, or on a mob). Ignores transparent blocks.
    (until you fire another arrow/deselect bow).
  • Seeker mode (Hold crouch): Arrows home in on mobs you stare at (flying straight otherwise)


  • Creates a splash potion effect that slows down most monsters/players for upto 5 seconds.
  • Decrease in speed=10%+10% per level;
  • Use this enchantment carefully, if you’re caught in the radius, you’ll be slowed down by the maximum amount.


  • Poisons target for upto 6 seconds.
  • Level of poison= Level of enchantment


Miss the old bows from before 1.8 where you could spam arrows?

Well now here’s something better, 50% increase in bow charging speed per level


15 LEECH: Every 5 damage of hearts you do to foes, you gain 1 hunger point (or 1/2 a heart if the bar is full). Killing an enemy gives you 50% chance of gaining 1/2 heart back. Based on a perk beverage from Bastion.

16. WISDOM: -50% more XP on killing mobs per level.

17. POISON_ASPECT: Poisons target for 7 seconds. Potion effect strength depends on enchantment level.

18. LETHARGY: Slows down most monsters (e.g. enderman/zombie pigman/slime/magma cube…) for 5.5 seconds. Potion effect strength depends on enchantment level.


  • Advanced Counter Blocking: See below;
  • Additional protection of about 1/2 heart per level when blocking.
  • Reprogrammed in 1.3.1 to be more intuitive and make reflected arrows do more damage.

20 Penetrate:

  • Strikes partially bypass armour
  • Minimum sword damage (ignoring armor)= Level/3* base sword damage
  • Extra Damage: Level * 1/2 heart/

21. Verticality:

  • Fling your opponents 5 blocks into the air.
  • Stacks with counter parry.


22. Healing:

  • Heals 1/2 heart every (11 seconds)/.
  • Regen rate increases, when player is below 3.5 hearts – Suggested by Grubs (Paul)


23. Cloud:

  • Slowfall in midair by holding jump.
  • Press crouch to descend faster.
  • Negates fall damage
  • Effects are much more potent when stacked with feather fall.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge or Modloader
  • Download and install PlayerAPI
  • Download More Enchantments Mod
  • Put More Enchantments Mod jar file into your minecraft.jar
  • Done

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