[1.5.2] MyTown Mod Download

The MyTown Mod is a server-based modification developed by Alphaest. The MyTown mod is a land protection mod that includes additions such as the ability to create new towns and add new members to it. You can set-up personalized plots and configure plot and town permissions. I think that this mod is an example of a key mod for servers. I believe that all online Minecraft servers should have either this mod or a mod similar on their servers for the best results in town making.

MyTown Mod

MyTown Mod Main Features

  • This mod includes the ability to town teleport. After you have established and configured a specific town you can create commands to teleport there.
  • This mods main feature is protection. The MyTown mod was created specifically with the idea of being able to protect your town from most other world changing items/mods.
  • You can enable the construction of roads on half plots, set commands to disallow outsiders from entering and so much more!

MyTown Mod Pros and Cons

POSITIVES: This mod is a MUST HAVE for all professional town-building servers, the specifically tailored development allows you to protect against world changing items or griefers. This mod features an easy download and installation, and is compatible with most other mods out there. The MyTown mod also features a built-in list of commands.
NEGATIVES: One obvious difference/negative point is the lack of the update



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  1. 1.8.9?



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