[1.5.2] Scapecraft Mod Download

This adds so many new features into minecraft which you can enjoy with almost no runescape knowledge. Scapecraft is a huge minecraft modification designed to bring the world of runescape into minecraft in full force, unlike other runescape related mods in the past which have maybe just added a few new armor sets. Another exciting thing about this mod is that it is made with forge, this means it is multiplayer compatible, you can set up servers that run this mod which people can join if they have all also downloaded it!


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Scapecraft Mod
  • Drop all files straight into the Minecraft.jar (SMP: server.jar)
  • Done

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Scapecraft Screenshots

2a13b  0WhDInm Scapecraft Screenshots

2a13b  fiIhjOQ Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  XJksbm4 Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  qcy43au Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  cTXNam1 Scapecraft Screenshots

Mobs showing off fireball and lightning attacks

2a13b  FgeFBWh Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  RrRnGlM Scapecraft Screenshots

Massive new update with the Black and White towers now randomly spawning as structures, and you have the chance to try and claim the massively powerful god staves.

Unlike most weapons, these staves do not degrade, but have a chance of being destroyed (about 1/100) every time you use their effects.

Also, 3D items now look nice when dropped on the ground.

Those towers where a massive pain to build! You have to code the co-ords of where every block is going to spawn!

More Screenshots and Recipes:

2a13b  9XSEviQ Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  MwdfNgY Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  RZuCyJ0 Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  kalaphitequeen2 Scapecraft Screenshots

Face off against the Kalaphite queen, who spawns randomly in desert biomes for a chance at the dragon chainbody!

New armor sets + weapons from the Black and White Knights

2a13b  war Scapecraft Screenshots
2a13b  warstructures Scapecraft Screenshots

Randomly generated Structures that will pit the two knights against each other! They will also spawn fairly fairly randomly about the world, the white knights will help you against mobs, the black knights will attack you!

da60c  dchain Scapecraft Screenshots

A bot mob at a yew tree, no escaping these guys XD. Also note the cabbage, can pick up and eat this.

da60c  Yewtreebot Scapecraft Screenshots

some drops

da60c  drops Scapecraft Screenshots

Recipe for a yew bow (same for magic/other bows but with different wood obviously)

da60c  yewbow Scapecraft Screenshots

Some of the new ores introduced in the mod, from left to right: Rune,Addy,Mith

da60c  runeaddymithores Scapecraft Screenshots

Grow your own Magic tree! Magic saplings are a rare drop from the yew tree bots

da60c  magictreeandbot2 Scapecraft Screenshots

You must use coal to craft metal lumps

da60c  oresR Scapecraft Screenshots

After that you can make the Ingots

da60c  ingotmaking Scapecraft Screenshots

Then proceed to make the armor/tools etc, all have the same recipes as Vanilla items.

82206  runehelmmaking Scapecraft Screenshots

A full rune armor set

82206  fullrunearm Scapecraft Screenshots

Using Korasi’s sword!

82206  korasis Scapecraft Screenshots

The Theif mob, try and catch these guys before they get you.

82206  theif Scapecraft Screenshots