[1.5.2] Sparcs Tweaks Mod Download

  • Are you tired of boring dungeons with even more boring loot?
  • Do you want more variety in mineshaft and stronghold loot?
  • Do you wish sometimes you’d get something useful from digging through mounds and mounds of dirt?
  • Do you wish a chance to recover some of that glass you placed?
  • Do you want to be able to put torches on the back of stairs?
  • If the answer to any of these questions was “yes” then SparcsTweaks is the Mod for you.

This is a minimalist mod that only tweaks a few key features of the game to make it a bit more rewarding and exciting.

creeperspawn1 [1.5.2] Sparcs Tweaks Mod Download


  • To install, locate your minecraft.jar file.
  • It should be at %AppData%.minecraftbin (for all Windows users)
  • Tip: You can go to Start -&–#62; Run and type in %AppData%.minecraftbin to jump straight to this folder
  • You should probably copy this file elsewhere in case you want to go back to the original
  • Rename the file to add a “.zip” to the end (you may have to change your folder settings to unhide file extensions)
  • Open the file in WinZip or whatever compressed utility you use
  • Add the class files from this archive to the opened minecraft file (drag and drop usually works)
  • The files MANIFEST.MF, MOJANG_C.DSA and MOJANG_C.SF (in the META-INF folder) must be deleted!
  • Close the file, saving changes if needed.
  • Rename the file back to minecraft.jar and run Minecraft to enjoy the mod!

Non Forge version http://minecraft-forum.net/v/file/136520997494284

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Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

Torches can now be attached to the back of stair blocks:

87ce1  torchonstairs Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

Beware of dungeons with creeper spawners!

87ce1  creeperspawn1 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

Sometimes you’ll get a cave spider spawner instead of a regular spider spawner:

bafc6  spiderspawn1 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

Dungeons are now a jackpot of amazing items! Sample Loot:

bafc6  sampleloot1 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots
bafc6  sampleloot2 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots
bafc6  sampleloot3 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots
bafc6  sampleloot4 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots
bafc6  sampleloot5 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

More variety in mineshaft loot:

bafc6  mineshaftloot Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

More variety in Stronghold loot:

bafc6  loftloot Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots

More variety in Stronghold library loot:

bafc6  libraryloot1 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots
bafc6  libraryloot2 Sparcs Tweaks Screenshots