[1.6.4] The Peacefulpack Mod Download


The peacefulpack was a mod that originally has been made by Hogofwar. This mod adds new ways to get all the mob drops. You can get them all without having to fight any monsters. This can be useful if you don’t like monsters or if you just want more of the drops.

This is flax.


There are 3 stages. The first and the last are shown on this picture. When you hit one without the blue flowers you might get seeds, but you should wait for the flowers to appear. When they do appear you can hit the plant and collect flax fibers.

With flax fibre you can create string like this.

With the string you can also do some new things.

Another thing it adds are these fossil ores.


When you destroy these you will get bones.

More information: Go to Peacefulpack page



Download links for other versions:










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