[1.5] Dalek Mod Download










  • 1960′s Dalek
  • Davros
  • Yellow Dalek
  • Red Daleks
  • Cyberman
  • The Empty Child
  • Autotons
  • Added in Rotation for the Dome / Head of the Daleks!
  • Movie Dalek Blue
  • Movie Dalek Black
  • The Wire
  • Sounds for: Daleks and Empty Child
  • First Test Of A Sonic Screwdriver (9 and 10th doctors)
  • Tardis (Still a bit buggy)
  • Sonic Screwdriver (Added in compatibility with Redstone lamps)
  • Empty Child No longer Hovers and is now slightly smaller than the player
  • First Tests of Ranged Attacks
  • 11th doctors sonic Screwdriver
  • Davros no longer dies in jungle or dessert biomes
  • Empty Child’s will infect villagers (Only when on hard)
  • Villagers will run from Daleks
  • Clockwork Droid
  • Daleks and Cybermen Will now attack each other
  • Villagers will now die and turn to a broken skeleton on the floor
  • Daleks no longer kill davros
  • Added a rare drop for Daleks, The Eye Piece, this can be put on your head (Wont render on the player model yet) and will allow you to see as if you were a dalek (This feature is still being worked on, hopefully it will be changed so that you will be able to play as a dalek)
  • Fixed the Spelling mistake on Sonic Screwdriver!
  • Added in code for a Stonehenge that will generate with the Pandorica beneath it, however this has not been added in as the structure is still being worked on!
  • Daleks now have a sound for shooting (I still need to find a better sound)
  • Added in Special Weapons Dalek
  • Dalekanium Armor
  • Dalekanium Ore
  • Dalekanium Ingot
  • Added in sound for the Sonic Screwdriver (Only the 9 / 10th doctors at the moment
  • removed the code for stonehenge (This will be put back in, it was what was causing the houses to spawn Posted Image )
  • ​New Cybermen
  • Stone Daleks
  • Cybermen will upgrade villagers (Only will work with the new cybermen at the moment, and is also not full conversion yet)
  • Daleks are now immune to fire


  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download Dalek Mod Mod
  • Place all of the files inside the “Put Inside Minecraft.jar” folder into your minecraft.jar
  • Place the folder called  ”dalek” from the folder “Put in Resources then put in Sound3 folder” into resources/sound3/
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

Download links for other versions:










  1. I am the creator of this mod and if you would like to download it please visit the official page for the mod at:

    as this contains the official download and the most up to date download.

    • The link was updated, I send you a email with your account information if you need to change something to your post.

  2. what they do for me

  3. please i need this mod for minecraft 1.4.7 this on this page is for 1.7.2 :/



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