[1.6.1] Bechill TPS Mod Download

9ed0f  Bechill TPS Mod [1.6.1] Bechill TPS Mod Download

Handy tool to check if your game/server is able to keep up with the demand.  Will work in all game modes, including SSP.  If this is installed on the dedicated server, clients are not required to install it in order to use it.

9ed0f  Bechill TPS Mod 1 [1.6.1] Bechill TPS Mod Download


  • /btps – Available to everyone (default), shows ticks per second in each loaded dimension
  • /sstats – Available only to ops (default) of dedicated servers, shows server memory usage, threads, and network statistics.  This command runs garbage collection on use.


  • Put into /mods folder

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