[1.6.1] Better Grass and Leaves Mod Download

Better Grass & Leaves is a small mod wich extends grass and leaves by a few juicy pixels.

Some Facts

  • betterGrass will only show up if the block above it is made of air (blockID = 0).
  • betterLeaves will only show up if at least one of the neighbouring blocks is made of air (blockID = 0).
  • Grass and leaves do not grow because of this mod, it’s ment do be just a visual modification.
  • Config file: %appdata%/.minecraft/config/mod_BetterGrassAndLeaves.cfg
  • There is a total of 6 better grass textures and 4 leaf textures.
  • The Better Grass & Leaves Mod overwrites 2 classes: ana.class and amp.class
  • This mod is client sided and won’t change your map data.



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge or Modloader
  • Download Better Grass and Leaves Mod
  • Copy the content of the mods ZIP-File into your minecraft.jar.
  • Done

Download links for other versions:






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